1962 Simca P60



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French registration papers

Second hand
Rare Montlhéry 70HP
Barn find

The Simca Aronde owes its birth to a visionary and a great car manufacturer, Monsieur Théodore Pigozzi. Originally Simca is a French brand which builds Italian cars (Fiat) under license. Quickly the construction of a full new car takes shape.
The Simca 9 (Aronde) is presented on May 31st, 1951 with an excessively modern advertising campaigns for the time. On the engine side, the car is equipped with the 1221cc from Fiat which also equipped the 8. It develops 45ch in 4400 rpm and allows the car to a top speed of 120km/hour. The originality is to be the first car of the brand to be studied completely by Simca and it is also the first one to receive a body without chassis.

In 1953, Simca chooses a random car on production lines. The car is followed by commissioners of the ACF during its construction. When it gets out of it " strictly of series " it is brought on Montlhéry race track. For 46 days and 45 nights, the car runs. When it stops it traveled 117.000 km with an average speed of 104km/ hour. For this time it is a great performance, it brings 17 international records.
In 1959, Aronde becomes P60, P coming from Customization (Personalization). It is indeed an innovation which allows the buyer the possibility of personalizing its car.
P 60 will so be declined in numerous versions. The top of the range being the model Montlhéry equipped with the Rush Super engine. For a 1300 cc, this engine is an example of efficiency and develops for the model year 1962, 70 ch. An important figure at the time. With this engine, the Simca P 60 accuses a 145 kph top speed and can compete on the road with Peugeot 403 or even DS.

The car which we present to you is one of those P 60 Montlhéry.
She is in the same family since the end of the 60s and was stopped here in the 90s. It is a second hand with an honest mileage of 107 000 km. When we discover the car in the barn where it is resting, we discovered a charming Simca “dans son jus”. The right engine is present with the typical red valve cover. The upholstery is still in beautiful condition and does not present tears. Mr L used it regularly until the 90’s. The car requires a small and easy restoration work before putting it back on the road.