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When you think of American muscle, you think of none other than the Ford Mustang. The two have been virtually synonymous since the introduction in 1965, but it wasn’t until later in the same year that the newly introduced pony car would get some serious performance tweaks. A man by the name of Carroll Shelby would put his special touch on the legendary Mustang, and the rest… well, you know the story. In 1970 - after five years of success - Shelby and Ford would introduce their most potent Mustang iteration to date. The 1970 Shelby GT350 Fastback would be the last of its kind due to pending stricter U.S. environmental laws, and Ford was required to end production of its legendary race car for the road or otherwise face some serious fines. Just 789 examples of the GT350 were produced for the 1970 model year. Nearly all of these MY1970 examples were essentially leftover from the 1969 model year, and were given new VIN numbers under the strict supervision of the FBI. That 'last-of-its-kind' detail makes it a more than desirable piece among collectors.

This example is completely restored a couple of years ago to a high and very correct standard. Every detail is as a proper Shelby GT350 should be, and it comes with both a Shelby American Vehicle Authenticity Certificate and Marti Auto Report confirming the chassis number and specification. It is a desirable version with 4-speed close ratio manual gearbox and of course the 351ci V8 engine producing 290 bhp. The Shelby has the correct bonnet stripes for the MY1970 version, and the standard rollbar with Deluxe safety belts.

Driving this beast is a bit of an experience. The big V8 engine starts immediately and fills the cabin with an impressive sound. The gearbox shifts easily in first and off you go, enjoying the powerful performance and glorious soundtrack. This is exactly what you may expect from a proper muscle car !

This Shelby GT350 is a very rare collectors car at an interesting price, as there is no other example on the market offering this quality and authenticity. Probably one of the cheapest opportunities to get a real Shelby in your garage !

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