1111 Sanford

Type S


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French registration

- In an amazingly original state
- Very rare and interesting model
- French registration from the period
- No reserve

Designated as a type S on its registration document, this rare three-wheeled Sandford is in an amazingly original state. The body appears to be complete and fairly well preserved, the rear is in aluminum while the hood and some elements were probably remade in steel later. The dashboard is equipped with a tachometer and a Jaeger clock. Behind the bench we also found an old tool kit that was probably used at that time! This three-wheeler still has its gearbox and a Ruby four-cylinder engine was found on a pallet, not far from the car. Probably planned to be be for this car by Roger Baillon, it seems to be still mounted on a part of chassis from another Sandford and comes with the car. Moreover, the registration document also has been found in Roger Baillon's archives. The date of first registration is not specified, but on August 1, 1951, this three-wheeler was registered as 9977 AM 75. Roger Baillon bought this car in 1967, and since 1951 to today this Sandford has had only two owners!
Inspired by the three-wheeled Morgan, the made in France Sandfords were better finished and were powered by Ruby four-cylinder engines, protected by a hood. With a limited production run, they distinguished themselves in racing, including the Bol d'Or. This original piece is particularly desirable.