1985 Rover SD 1

ROVER 3500 V8 SD1 VANDER PLAS EFI of 1985.


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    122 234 km / 75 953 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
  • Lenkung 
  • Zustand 
  • Innenfarbe 
  • Markenfarbe innen 
  • Innenausstattung 
  • Anzahl der Türen 
  • Zahl der Sitze 
  • Standort
  • Außenfarbe 
  • Getriebe 
  • Leistung 
    157 PS / 116 kW / 155 BHP
  • Antrieb 
  • Kraftstoff 


ROVER 3500 V8 SD1 VANDER PLAS EFI of 1985.

NATIONAL VEHICLE (SPAIN), it was used in Spain, so there is NO OXIDATION/RUST (in Spain we have a very favorable climate to avoid the corosion of the vehicles)

It has Automatic Gearbox.

The Rover 3500 was titled "Car of the Year" for 1977 by the European trade press. Now, in his Vanden Plas model, that admiration wins many integers because the car has been really superb in its presentation. A front spoiler of the right dimensions to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, chrome surrounds for the robust bumpers, as well as for the side stripes and for the outline of the light clusters, give this car such a distinction that it far exceeds the former. 1977 "Car of the Year", even though it is the same box. The wheels, with light alloy rims and five studs, give the car a strong sporty personality, with its 20 finely executed spokes, which are crucial to round out the great aesthetic beauty achieved. Once again we take off our hats and congratulate the new model. Honestly, it deserves it. If aesthetics is something we have placed special emphasis on to highlight the good results of a judicious remake, no less can be said about its interior, where you can enjoy good eyesight and touch. of very chosen materials. The leather of the seats is something that stands out for its good quality and how well it is sewn and worked, offering a dark brown color of marked elegance. We also see rich wood in a wide strip that runs along the deck from side to side, leaving a high-quality plastic for the rest that is not wood and where the control instruments are installed, very well arranged in sight and two glove compartments having been studied. , one on each side, for driver and passenger, with good volume. Original the situation of the fuse box, placed under the tray on the right, on the dashboard, covered by the rubber mat to carry objects on it and that they do not move.


The engine was rectified and new the exhaust pipe has a new section.

Position: vertical longitudinal front. No. of cylinders: 8 in V at 90 degrees. Bore / stroke: 88.90 / 71.12 mm. Displacement: 3,532 cc. Fiscal power: 24 HP. Block material: aluminum, with replaceable wet sleeves. Stock material: aluminum. Crankshaft on 5 supports.

Two horizontal Zenith 175-CD carburettors with variable vacuum diffuser. Fuel pump: mechanical. Air filter: dry, paper, with thermostatic intake.
Valve situation: in cylinder head, vertical and in line (Heron type chamber). Camshaft location: single, in the center of V. Camshaft control: by double link chain. Valves actuation: hydraulic pushers (without adjustment), rods and rocker arms.
Switched on
Type: electronic. Distributor: Lucas. Advance control: centrifugal and vacuum. Coils: Lucas. Spark plugs: Unipart GSP 131.
Gear pump. Cooling: sheet metal casing. Total capacity: 5.5 liters. Oil change: 4.8 liters.
Type: by liquid. Fan drive: V-belt, with viscous clutch. Hermetic circuit: yes. Total circuit capacity: 11.1 liters.
Compression: 9.35: 1. Power: 157 DIN hp at 5,250 rpm. Maximum torque: 27.4 mkg DIN at 2,500 rpm.

Type: dry single disc, diaphragm. Disc diameter: 241 mm. Control: hydraulic.
Gear shifting
No. of forward gears: five, all of them synchronized. Ratios: 1st, 3.321: 1: 2nd, 2.087: 1: 3rd, 1.396: 1; 4th, 1,000: 1; 5th, 0.792: 1.
Group and differential
Drive layout: front engine and gearbox; rigid rear propeller axle. Group type: hypoid conical. Reduction: 3,083: 1 (12/37). Final development: 37.6 km / h in 4th and 47.4 km / h in 5th, per 1,000 rpm.
Supporting structure: self-supporting monocoque bodywork.
Front: independent wheels, McPherson type. Spring type: coil springs. Shock absorbers: telescopic hydraulic. Stabilizer: anti-roll torsion bar.
Rear: rigid axle, with two longitudinal push rods, transverse Watt steering, and torque control by axle wrap tube. Spring type: coil springs. Shock absorbers: self-energizing telescopic hydraulics, with constant maintenance of the suspension height. Stabilizer: No.
Circuit type: independent for each train. Assistance: Master-Vac (3.5: 1 multiplication). Anti-lock device: rear compensator. Front: discs. Diameter: 258 mm. Rear: drums. Diameter: 229 mm.
Type: zipper. Turning diameter: 10.4 meters. Total steering wheel turns: 2.9. Steering shaft: articulated. Servo: hydraulic. External diameter of the steering wheel: 41 cm (on average).
Rims: 6x14 inches. Material: light alloy. Tires: radial, tubeless. Measure: 195 / 70HR-14. Make and type: Uniroyal Rallye 240.
Electric equipment
Voltage: 12 volts. Generator: Lucas alternator, 910 W. and 65 A. Battery: Tudor 6 BMU 4, 65 A.h.
Fuel tank
Location: under rear seat. Capacity: 66 liters.
Semi-break type. No. of doors: 4 and tailgate. Rear seat: folding.
Battle: 2,815 meters. Tracks: 1,506 / 1,506 meters (front / rear). Length: 4.70 meters. Width: 1.77 meters. Height: 1.38 meters.

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