1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom I

Limousine Huntington, carrosserie Brewster


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Dutch registration
Chassis # S120PR
Engine # 22886

- Superb limousine body by Huntington
- In beautiful condition
- Iconic quality Rolls-Royce

Sir Henry Royce was a perfectionist. The Silver Ghost from 1906 showed up extraordinary build quality, its silence and smoothness. The successor in 1925, the New Phantom, or Phantom I retrospectively named, was on a par with its six-cylinder 7688cc engine, the largest ever produced by the brand.
The New Phantom had better performance than its predecessor, in an ever exemplary comfort, and provided the basis for more modern bodies. In the United States, this task was specifically entrusted to Brewster, who equipped the chassis produced by the Rolls-Royce factory in Springfield. The catalogue offered several versions, including a beautiful seven-seater limousine called the Huntington. It is a car of this type that we are offering.
This Phantom I was delivered new on September 30, 1930 to its first owner, J. Tod. It then passed into the hands of R. Pritchett before finding place in the fantastic collection of the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. In 1999 the car was sold to Tony Paalman and was sent to the Netherlands. The following year it came into possession of M. D. de Regt, before joining the collection of Mr. Anton aan de Stegge. An opulent collector and very attentive, he ensured that his cars were all in exemplary condition. This car is no exception and its engine has recently received a makeover, with replacement of the cylinder head.
Stunning in its seven-seater limousine body, this Phantom I Huntington was delivered in a "safari" form. It is equipped with a rear trunk, a roof rack, two fences for protecting the rear side windows and the two lighthouses at the cabin. The front seats are upholstered in leather and the odometer shows 28,050 miles which seems to be correct. The windshield tilts the steering wheel hub features all levers as usual on this model (forward, choke, throttle lever). This Phantom I is a splendid example of the period when the carmaker made the "the best car in the world."