1936 Renault Viva Grand Sport

Viva Grand Sport Type ACX2 cabriolet


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French title

- Very rare model
- Original cabriolet
- Top of the range Renault
- No reserve
- One of five known examples

This four-seater Viva Grand Sport cabriolet was sold to Roger Baillon in 1963 by a certain M. Brelot, from the department of Jura. The file includes the period transfer certificate and an old registration document, no longer valid, for former registration number 498 R 39. The car is a restoration project, appearing to be complete, retaining its dashboard instruments, 4-litre six-cylinder side-valve engine and frame for the hood. David Sassé, of "Les Renault d'avant-guerre" Association has given us some details to help us identify this model: " These cars are sufficiently rare to make this discovery exceptional. This is a Renault Viva Grand Sport type ACX2 from 1936. In 1935, the ACX1 was still called the Vivastella, a name not transferred to its successor in 1936. The car would have been put into service sometime between the end of 1935 and the end of 1936, as there were overlaps between the homologation of the models. Concerning the cars that have survived with this coachwork (currently known), you have discovered the fifth example, one of only three complete models. ". Of all bodies together, the number of ACX2 models still known to exist amounts to some twenty examples. This is therefore an extremely rare car. A top of the range Renault, it competed with the Talbot, Hotchkiss and Panhard models of the same era.