1967 Renault Alpine


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    79 944 mi / 128 658 km
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  • Außenfarbe 


Only five examples of the Alpine A110 1800VA were made by the factory motorsport department ‘Service Course’ in 1974 and 1975. One of them is today back in its original condition and fully restored, the rest are lost. Only rally drivers of the calibre of Jean Pierre Nicolas and Gérard Larousse were allowed to sit behind the wheel of the A110 1800VA factory cars. One of the great rallies of the championship, for the 1300s, was the East African Safari Rally, these cars were flown over for this unrelenting stage. It was a brutal time for these cars and when damaged occurred the important parts were often salvaged from them and the larger elements left behind.
The car offered here today has very little history behind it regrettably. It is sitting on a chassis with an engine, gearbox and suspension. The accompanying folder shows the car in a field in Kenya with some of its original livery, specifically ‘Covmo’, an engine parts supplier as well as another image showing a previous owner beginning the restoration process in Africa.. So, what is this car? It is difficult to say, what we can say with some authority is that, the interior is largely missing, and the dashboard and steering column moved from left to righthand drive. According to the President of Renault Alpine Owners Club, it is a French model with a known chassis number and started life with a 1300 Gordini engine. It was imported into the UK in 2006 with all duties paid and is ripe for restoration. I think we would all like to see this on the road again if not back on a rally stage, the place it was bred for...