1966 Renault 4

4L de plage - Modification d'époque


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French registration

- Unusual and amusing car
- A proper five-seater convertible
- Reliable and economical to use
- No reserve

The Renault 4 succeeded the 4CV and was positioned to compete against the Citroen 2 CV, which had already been in the market for some time then. The R4, as the Renault 4 was also referred to, turned out to be very popular, functional and more attractive than the 2 CV, but less elegant than the Dauphine. It had a very innovative platform chassis and independent suspension by torsion bars. For motive power it had an engine of 750cc (4CV or 4hp in taxable terms) and this was mated to a longitudinal three-speed gearbox located ahead of the engine and driving the front wheels. The four-door body was equipped with a tailgate for convenient loading, and luggage space was further aided by a folding seat. The car was extensively tested for three years before it was put out on the market, with the total distance tested equaled going round the earth 50 times. From 1961, when the car was launched, till production ended in 1992, more than 8 million R4s were made. The car on offer was modified soon after it rolled out and the base strengthened extensively. One of the owners confirmed that the car was modified for advertising purposed and that this modification was done before the launch of the model called Plein Air, which featured in a TV serial from the 1960s with two French aviators, Tanguy & Laverdure. The body is in a very good condition though there are some marks on the paint. A comprehensive service was carried out in the garage of the Post, at Vésinet, in September 2011. The brake cylinders were remplaced as is the clutch and all four tyres. The hood is in black alpaca and seats are in black vinyl. The three-spoke steering wheel is in aluminum and looks very smart. This car is unique, charming and fun and can participate in all events and will surely turn heads at all the sunny beaches.