2004 Porsche Carrera GT


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  • Single ownership and 25,000 km from new
  • Porsche’s iconic V-10 supercar
  • Ready to drive and enjoy

Porsche’s first foray into the world of supercars for the 21st century, the Carrera GT traces its roots to a stillborn racing program in the 1990s that intended to replace the 911 GT1 and contest the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, the project, and the Formula 1-derived 5.0-litre V-10 that was at its heart, was shelved when Porsche decided to turn its attention towards developing the Cayenne. Thanks to that car’s commercial success, the Carrera GT came off the backburner and was further developed for use as a halo-level road car, proving to enthusiasts that even though Porsche now built an SUV, it certainly had not lost its way.

Performance was astounding. With that V-10 producing 610 bhp and 42 foot-pounds of torque, and tipping the scale at under 1,300 kg, the car’s official 0–100 km/h time was 3.9 seconds, but contemporary tests showed that it was nearly a half second quicker. Top speed was quoted as 334 km/h. Only 1,270 were built.

Delivered new to Germany and still in the hands of its original owner, this Carrera GT sports what is perhaps the car’s quintessential colour combination of grey over a black leather interior. Rather than being tucked away and kept in storage, the car has been driven and enjoyed throughout its life, accumulating 25,000 km since leaving the factory 15 years ago. The car’s paintwork remains original throughout, with the exception of the front bumper, which has been resprayed to address stone chips.

Still thrilling to drive and breath-taking to behold even 15 years after entering production, the Carrera GT has proven to be a bona-fide classic, a true driver’s car, and is now considered amongst the all-time great modern performance cars. Considered a must-have to many collectors, this Carrera GT certainly checks all the right boxes and coming from single ownership having been driven just 25,000 km from new, it begs to be driven and enjoyed by the lucky enthusiast that will become its second owner. To view this car and others currently consigned to this auction, please visit the RM website at rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/pa19.