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    147 000 km / 91 342 mi
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    225 PS / 166 kW / 222 BHP
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The 944 we have for sale today is no ordinary 944. This 1986 racetrack-turboed edition was originally ordered and raced by the Swiss racing team Brun Motorsport. This specific car has remarkable racing history, having participated in races at prestigious tracks such as AVUS, Hockenheim, Spa Francorchamps, and the Nürburgring. 1986 marked the inaugural year of production for the turbo cup, featuring narrow axles, Fuchs wheels, a standard bonnet, and the standard 225 PS from the road version. Porsche also lightened the car and made other simple modifications, reducing the weight to 1280 kg. The car is fully road legal, and with its low weight and 80s turbo lag, it delivers an exhilarating driving experience with perfect sports car handling characteristics.

In an effort to promote motorsport at a more accessible level, Porsche introduced a race edition of their 944 Turbo: the 944 Turbo cup. In total, only 192 units were built, with 99 allocated for Canada, spanning from 1986 to 1988. Porsche stripped down the cars: no unnecessary electrics, no back seats… They lightened the car as much as possible, fitting bucket seats, magnesium intake, power steering delete, quick-ratio steering. A limited-slip differential was standard. The engines produced the same power as the street legal versions, 162kW, 220 hp.

The 944’s role stands in the line of Porsche's idea of making the brand more accessible. It also follows the path of the more global idea of Porsche to completely cut off the 911, or in fact any other rear-overhang engined car, which was implemented at the end of the 1970s with 2 models, the 924 and 928, respectively announced in 1976, 1977. These cars sketched the perfect sports car. Perfect weight distribution, manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive. The 924 was the baseline car, with a 4-cylinder engine from a VW van, the 928 a big GT cruiser with a V8. Quickly, Porsche realized there was too much of a gap between both models, cut the 928’s V8 in half, to get a 2.5l 4-cylinder Porsche-developed engine, and stuck it into the 944 in 1982, later in the 924 S in 1986 - then basically the same cars. Accompanying these were turbo versions of each model - except for the 924 S which again basically was a 944 in a different skin. The 944 Turbo therefore appeared in 1985, bringing a big step in performance, and made the car genuinely respected at the time.

A real collectible Special edition Porsche, and one to be enjoyed out on the road!

Financing/Leasing possible.

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