1989 Porsche 928


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1989 Porsche 928 S4 Coupé
Registration no. XRS 9
Chassis no. WP0ZZZ92ZLS840551

Unveiled at the Geneva Salon in 1977 and voted Car of the Year for 1978, the 928 was intended as an upmarket replacement for the long-running 911, but in the event Porsche's rear-engined classic would outlive its younger sibling. The front-engined 928's stylish hatchback body used aluminium for the doors, bonnet, and front wings, while ingenious impact-resistant 'bumpers' made of colour-matched plastic were incorporated in the nose and tail. The V8 engine ? Porsche's first - displaced 4.5 litres and produced 234bhp. A five-speed transaxle gearbox or three-speed automatic were the transmission options. In 1979 the 928 'S' with 4.6-litre engine arrived and then in 1986 the model was further revised and restyled, becoming the 928 'S4'. Its engine producing 320bhp courtesy of twin-cam, 16-valve cylinder heads and enlargement to 4,957cc, the 'S4' enjoyed a welcome top speed boost to over 160mph. Today this underrated modern classic is increasingly seen as offering exceptional value for money.

This automatic transmission 928 S4 has been owned from new by the current owner and has covered some 79,000 miles to date. An engine rebuild was carried out in 1999 (bills on file) and the car has been maintained throughout its life. Finished in Silver with Charcoal leather interior, it is described by the private vendor as in generally good condition, though with potential for improvement. The accompanying file contains bills, old MoTs, an old-style registration document, SORN paperwork, current MoT, etc.