1965 Porsche 912


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Guide price: £36000 - £42000. <div><ul><li>Nicely restored first-batch 912 with some early features (1582cc/90bhp)</li><li>USA, lhd import in 2015. Had been raced at club level</li><li>Interior upgrades but still retains three-gauge dash. Roll cage and harnesses</li><li>Superb body restoration with photos. Mechanically refreshed</li><li>Still retains its 1965 date-stamped steel wheels</li></ul></div><div><br /></div><div><br /></div><div><div>The question of how to tempt new customers into Porsche ownership has always been problematic. On the one hand, you're trying to uphold the reputation of the company as a purveyor of high-quality, high-performance sports cars while on the other, you're anxious not to alienate those potential customers whose budget won't stretch to a new 911.</div><div>In 1964, Porsche had just such a problem with the sales of their new 911 proving a touch disappointing and continuing demand for the 356, which was scheduled to be phased out, necessitating that the production lines kept rolling. The solution seemed to be financial, and the decision was made to replace the 356 with a four-cylinder, more appropriately priced 911 and, as a result, the 912 (initially 902) was conceived. First available to European customers by June 1965 (initially with 1582 cc and 90bhp), the 912 soon became a market leader, particularly in the USA. In the UK, it was some 30% cheaper at £2,466 compared to the £3,488 price tag of the 911 and went on to outsell its six-cylinder sibling by no less than 188% in 1966.</div><div><br /></div><div>This very early 912 left  Porsche AG in 1965 destined for the USA. Ordered in Polo Red, chassis #351638 was subsequently registered early in 1966. The original Letter of Origin confirms that this car was one of the first batch of 912s and number 1638 off the production line. After 20 years of enjoyment, the car's last Stateside owner sold it to a close friend who imported the little Porsche into the UK in 2015. In the early 90's this car had been prepared and campaigned by its long-term owner in local circuit racing and the car still displays some event and club stickers from that period including a Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing Logbook which can be found in the car's history file.</div><div><br /></div><div>Although meticulously maintained whilst in America, upon its arrival in the UK it was decided that it was important to preserve it for the future and a programme of restoration and improvements was commenced despite the fact that it was in fantastic dry condition, a tribute to the care that the previous owner had taken with it. The bodywork was stripped to bare metal, all areas treated, and given a stunning respray in its original Polo Red by one of the leading body shops in the country. (The ex-James Hunt Lotus 59 was being prepared for Goodwood at the same time). There is a photographic record illustrating the quality of the work. It now has flawless panel gaps and the doors have that signature 'ping' upon closing.</div><div>The intention was to preserve the patina and early features of this rare 1965 car without losing its period charm. The front panel, 4-screw grilles, wooden dash trim and three-gauge dash were carefully retained but the rest of the interior has been entirely restored and improved with all new leather trim, Cobra Classic RS seats, Momo Prototipo steering wheel, RS-style carpets, hounds-tooth door cards, and a new headlining. For safety, the car is fitted with a rear roll cage and a pair or Schroth 4-point harnesses.</div><div><br /></div><div>Invoices in the history file indicate that engine preparation and service work was carried out by a leading Ferrari/Porsche engine specialist in the USA, prior to its import to the UK, and once it was here it was checked over by a Porsche/VW specialist and any matters arising were dealt with. The fuel tank was removed and cleaned, new fuel lines fitted, carbs stripped and cleaned, distributor rebuilt by a specialist, the brakes stripped and checked, the accelerator linkage repaired, and the suspension checked over. We understand that the engine sounds fantastic and the car is a joy to drive. The odometer currently indicates 71k miles although we are unable to warrant this.</div><div>Surprisingly, the car also retains its original set of four date-stamped (1965) 15inch steel wheels plus a spare, fitted with a fresh set of Blockley 165 profile vintage tyres.</div><div><br /></div><div>Ready for a weekend away, a Classic track day, or returned to OEM spec, this vehicle represents a rare opportunity to enjoy sixties' Porsche motoring in its purest form.</div></div><div><br /></div>