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Our Porsche 911 2.8L RSR was built on the basis of a 1973 911 2.4L E, between 2011 and 2014, on commission from its current owner. Construction and tuning were initially entrusted to the RS Autosport garage in Chalonvillars, then in 2014, when the garage closed, the car was taken over by Nicolas Suarez (ex-Renault F1 engine builder), who took charge of preparation with the technical support of Crubilé Sport.
The car took part in a number of rallies between 2016 and 2019 with some very good results, as can be seen below. But none of this happened by chance...
Let's go back some 50 years... the story begins in 1975 when the current owner, as part of the 'Premier Pas Dunlop' and the 'Coupe Renault Elf Gordini', made his first appearance in the small world of motor racing... He won the Cup in 1978, after some epic battles in which his quality as a driver and his tenacity were revealed to the general public. The years 79 and 80 saw him at the wheel of Formule Renault cars with the Elf and Motul teams, then in 1982 he took part in the French Production Car Championship with the Garage du Bac team. Despite a long break devoted to an intense professional activity, the motor racing virus was never cured. Many years later, he returned to his first love through historic racing... 20 years of racing at the highest level followed, with numerous podium finishes including several scratch victories in the Tour Auto...
You will understand that our man is talented, passionate, and driven by a single goal: victory. This will be reflected in all the cars he will have built to pursue his Historic driver career. A meticulous quest for performance and perfection in compliance with the regulations of the period.
Our car took part in many rallies between 2016 and 2019 with very good results:
Mont Blanc Rally: 4th
Rallye du Var: 3rd
Tour de Corse Historique: 4th
Antibes Rally: 3rd
Mont Blanc Rally: 2nd
Rallye du Var: 3rd
French Rally Champion in GR4
Le Touquet Rally: 3rd
Mont Blanc Rally: Winner

Unfortunately, the 2019 season ended with the car running off the road at the Tour de Corse Historique... at low speed... the vagaries of rallying...
The damage could only be assessed once the car had been completely dismantled. Nicolas Suarez began what was to be a thorough and meticulous rebuild. Once the hull was bare, it was taken to Matter France, where it was found that the central cell with the roll cage had not moved. It was therefore decided to repair the hull. Once again, the owner chose to strip the hull completely and then entrust it to his coachbuilder, where the hull was completely overhauled: set on marble, reinforcement of all the anchoring points (front undercarriage, rocker panels, etc.), the right-hand front wheel arch was replaced, as was the front face. The front wings are replaced, and the wing extensions are welded. The rear wings are unsoldered and replaced by new ones to which the wing extensions are welded. Once the assembly is complete, the hull will be shot-blasted and treated with cataphoresis.
Nothing is left to chance!
During the four months of bodywork, Nicolas Suarez overhauled the engine and Crubilé Sport overhauled the gearbox. The car is literally brand new, down to the smallest detail, including the electrical circuit, which was rebuilt using thermal fuses.
After a tune-up on the Lurcy Levis circuit, it was off to the 2021 Tour de Corse.
Unfortunately, poor quality petrol prematurely ruined any hopes of victory in the 2021 event. On the way to the shake down, the engine emitted an abnormal noise. The decision was taken to abandon and get back to work.
Nicolas Suarez again takes charge of the dismantling. Liners, pistons and cylinder heads are replaced. The crankshaft is controlled, the cylinder heads are replaced by modified RSR double-ignition heads, and new bearings are fitted to Carillo connecting rods. All of this in an engine block conforming to the specs of the period, fitted with the famous "Petit vilebrequin" (small crankshaft)! At the end of 2022, the now period-specification 3L engine was run in on an engine dyno and put through its paces: the result was 322 hp at 7,600 rpm.
Since then, our driver has decided to end his career in 2023. After several departures this year, this 2.8L RSR will be the last "toy" to leave his stable.
Scrupulously prepared and maintained by Nicolas Suarez and the technical support of Crubile Sport, our car is ready to take to the track again. A large number of parts are included with the car.It will be delivered run-in, following a handover session in the presence of its current owner, who is as concerned as ever about the quality of the cars he entrusts to his successors.
Are you looking for the ultimate Tour Auto weapon, also eligible for CER or next season's French Rally Championship? Delivered like new, with its FIA International HTP and up-to-date safety system. All you have to do is put your helmet on and fill up the tank!

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