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With the third generation of the Porsche 911, significant levels of power were achieved.
It was awarded of the 2.4 number plate definition in honor of the sixth total win in the 1966 "Florio Number Plate".
The introduction of this Porsche model presented very high safety standards for those days, enclosed in an avant-garde design with the original solution of a removable and folding roof that could be stored in the front boot.
The engines of the Porsche 911 became less polluting thanks to the chance of using petrol with a low level of octanes, despite the considerable power output of 130 hp.
This model was used many times by big film productions and appears in one important scene of the recent tv series "Romanzo Criminale" (Criminal Novel) as the Lebanese car, the head of the notorious" Magliana gang" which used to strike terror in Rome in the '70s, with its criminal exploits.