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Transmission: 5 gears, Manual gearbox
Model range: 1968 - 1974
Registration number: PO-02-09

Everything used to be better, right? Ok perhaps not everything but the pallet of colours at Porsche for certain then. This is a 1971 Porsche 911E, but as the connoisseur would have already noted one from the 1972 edition because of its so-called “ölklappe”. This car comes in ageless lovely “Blut Orange”. The car is pristine due to its recent full nut & bolt restoration. It not only has its original colour scheme but also features its original engine. The result of the restoration work carried out by experts in Belgium is peerless. Every component was treated, and we mean literally everything was inspected in most cases replaced. Every external rubber, the headlight glass and indicators, every bit of brightwork replaced and the Fuchs rims refurbished back to their lovely original finish. All work was carried out with meticulous precision and a keen eye towards the original concept. By the way we can thank the Americans the ölklappe was only available for one year. It would appear they often confused the oil lid for the fuel tank lid. Porsche decided therefore to do away with that extra lid form in the 911 from 1973 on. The reason for the oil lid in the first place was due to the fact Porsche wanted influence the road handling in a positive sense. By fitting the oil tank inside the wheel base meant shifting 9 kg from behind the back wheels to a more forward position. It would take from 1973 until the arrival of the 964 generation before the 911 had an oil tank inside the wheel base.

The bodywork is as straight as an arrow. The lovely thin panelwork is correctly aligned. The bumpers align beautifully and the indicator housing looks just great. The car was resprayed in her original colour during the restoration and looks mint. The car has the aforementioned Fuchs rims shod in good quality and correctly sized tyres. The new exhaust is responsible for a tremendous sound effect. All of the rubber window mouldings, rubber suspension bushes and doorhandles are new. You will be hard put to discover something that hasn’t been seen to. Underneath this Porsche is pristine. The floor plate is colour coded and looks immaculate. Whilst we are looking under the car we can also detect new steering housing and all suspension elements. This car has never been out in the wet and that shows as the car still looks brand new.

The interior trim has been fully reupholstered using black carpets and black leather seat coverings. The carpets have neat edgings and have been very well fitted. The internal brightwork and the door cards are new too. The inside of this 911looks and actually is pristine. The seats were refilled as well as recovered, leaving us with very comfortable places to park ones behind. Taking place behind the wheel of a 911 immediately explains why this car is and since 1964 has been such a firm favourite. The ergonomics, the view, the everyday usability and finally that scrumptious engine!

What a beauty of an engine it is indeed. The boxer six-cylinder runs a treat and is very mighty. The engine develops 165 Ps attached to a 5-speed manual transmission. The gear ratios are great and the gear change is sure-footed due to all new components. The engine and transmission were dismantled down to very last screw and bolt and put back together with extreme care. The result is a great looking engine that produces the goods. The low curb weight of just 1,100 kg could have its part to play but most certainly the well tuned healthy engine and gearbox are certainly large contributors. Under every circumstance the engine remains smooth and amply powerful. In todays world where a Golf GTI can pack over 230 Ps, 165 Ps may seem paltry but then you would be forgetting the weight to power ratio. That light-footed feeling, the ability to steer with throttle, those beautifully placed pedals, the feedback through the steering wheel, the precise responsiveness of the brakes, these are things you only find in a Porsche 911.

All work has been properly documented with invoices. The paperwork supports our contention of the extremely thorough restoration. This car has been taken in hand form top to tail and from bottom to top leaving us with a car in brilliant condition. In short this is a stunning and rare “Ölklappe”, matching numbers 1971 Porsche 911E with an eye-catching finish in great condition.

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