1971 Porsche 911

911 2,2L S


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French title

- Car belonging to the Archambeaud family
- Presented in superb condition
- Original engine
- Owned by the same family since 1982

The Porsche 911 S on offer has a wonderful history. It was bought in 1982 by the Archambeaud family from the first owner, to remind them of the 1960s/70s when they had created the racing team " Archambeaud Racing ", responsible for running numerous cars including Gordini, Renault prototypes, Lola T70 and 212, Porsche Carrera 6 and 911...
When it was bought in 1982, this 2.2 S was in original condition, having been maintained at the time by a friend of the family, the famous preparer Louis Meznarie. Mr Archambeaud's son took the car on in 1991 and decided to return it to its former glory during the 2000s. Fully restored in the family's workshop, the car has kept its initial colour, " Sepiabraun 7474 ". The rear bench seat, in good condition, is original but the Recaro seats in the front have been refurbished by the Établissements Caribex, which has returned the car to the remarkable configuration it was in when first delivered. It retains its original engine, which has been well looked after. Since then, the car has been regularly maintained by the specialist Special Auto Dechaumel.
The 2.2-litre, 180 bhp version of the Porsche 911 is particularly sought-after and appreciated. It is rare, however, to find an example that has enjoyed such a clear history, in such good hands.