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    60 000 km / 37 283 mi
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This classic car is for sale on Catawiki. To have more information or to place a bid click on the "BID NOW" button. .1969 Porsche 911 E Targa 2.2L, with 60000 km, completely restored.

The car was thoroughly restored, that included all parts:
The bodywork, which was already very healthy (in fact, no sheet metal was welded or replaced), had paint completely removed, treated with high-quality products, and repainted in its original colour, using only paints and shades in accordance with the factory release. Work done by specialists in the industry and brand.

The engine has been refurbished as well as transmission and all the mechanics, were completely disassembled, opened and restored, with the replacement and adjustment of all the required parts to give a new and long life to this wonderful unit. The work was entirely carried out in a Porsche specialised workshop, with the exclusive use of original Porsche parts.

Interior were fully redone, according to the model specifications, as shown in the car’s certificate of origin. All rubber parts, gaskets, bearings and all parts subject to wear were replaced.

Every single screw was dismantled, and if applicable, restored with modern treatments, in order to guarantee the best performance and durability.

The restoration lasted about 4 years, everything documented by photos and invoices of spare parts purchased.

Suspension and shock absorbers in new condition. Tires in new condition.
Technically car in new condition.

Here is a list of the main work carried out:
1. All the necessary sheet metal work
2. Sand blasting
3. External and internal corrosion protection Epoxy Premier, Nuxodol 3100,800
4. Suspension regeneration - new suspension columns, bushing, bearings, etc.
6. New fuel pump, new fuel tank, complete renovation of Weber carburetors
7. Complete regeneration of the gearbox
8. Engine maintenance gasket and sealant replacement
9. New windshield, new seals
10. Regeneration of the electric beam, new relays, switches
11. New carpet and door panels
12. Original Fusch wheels refurbished with new Pirelli 185/70/15 tires
13. And many more

The car can bi inspected in Jaworzno, Poland

Upon request, we can arrange worldwide insured shipping at the best market prices and all the necessary documents for the new registration.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Catawiki.