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- Desirable early 911 with highly sought-after ‘300’ chassis number
- One of approximately 42 sunroof-equipped coupes from the 1965 model year
- Presented in original color scheme with factory options
- Benefits from an older high quality restoration
- Matching numbers
- Complete with FIVA passport, ASI GOLD passport identification as well as a Porsche factory record
- Various complementary works making a huge upgrade in the power of the Porsche

The 911is so-called because it is the 911th design project since Porsche opened its doors in 1931—is also the first all-Porsche Porsche.

The 356 was the first car to carry the Porsche name, although when it was con­ceived in 1948 it was little more than a souped-up, special-bodied version of an earlier Porsche design, the Volkswagen. The 911, while true to the 356’s basic configuration, is an entirely new and different car.

The engine is again air-cooled, again hung out behind the rear axle, but it’s a single-overhead-cam six-cylinder where the 356 was a pushrod four-cylinder (and the Carrera a four-cam four-cylinder). The new body is far more handsome and the work of old Professor Porsche’s grandson, Ferry, Jr.

The 911’s 5-speed gear­box, already in service in Porsche’s 904 GT racing car, is probably the new car’s best single feature. Even the suspension is new, though tried-and-true torsion bars are retained as the springing medium.


According to the Porsche build record, this very rare ‘0’ series 911 was built in 1965 and is therefore the much sought Short Wheelbase type seen by many enthusiasts as the ultimate historic rally car.

This fine 1965 Porsche 911 has a hugely desirable 300 series chassis number, indicating that it is among the earliest 911s completed during the first full year of production.

Finished in the same combination of “Aga Blau” (cod. 6608) paint over Beige leather interior as it bares today.

This example was ordered new with a Golde electric retracting sunroof, option number 9474.

It is believed that no more than 42 coupes from the 911 series 0 model were equipped with a sunroof, making this configuration a rarity.

This 911 also has some other interesting period options, like the original Becker mod. Europe radio (cod.9341), front foglights, heater, and original tools.

Copies of the factory records are on file.

According to a previous registration, the car was imported from the US to Italy in February 1993 following a full restoration and technically overhaul in 1998-1999 by his scrupulous owner from Turin.

The Porsche changed another time before it passed into the hands of an even more meticulous Italian owner than the previous enthusiast in February 2009.

In November 2010 was then acquired by its current Italian owner in Brescia, Italy.

After his purchase the Porsche went straight to an Italian car specialist for a full service and a variety of work has been done on the car, making a huge upgrade in the power of the Porsche.

A Porsche specialists have also undertaken a full suspension overhaul with all new bushes, bearings and shock absorbers, a complete brake refurbishment with all new hydraulic cylinders and hoses; a comprehensive rebuild of the (original) transmission with new bearings, synchros and shifting sleeves as required; fitting a new battery, tyres, and starter motor.

Due to an upgrade of the collection of the current owner, the Porsche came in our hands.

The car is furthermore complete with a file full with restoration pictures, Fiva Identity Card, Ast Gold Certificate, Porsche Delivery Notes, its original book “Use and maintenance”, with notes of the first scrupulous American owner.


The exterior of the Porsche is very nice. The car is restored some years ago and used regularly in light rallies and tours. One can therefore find some minor signs of use or call it patina.

Here and there it is possible to find a minor scratch or stone chip but this belongs to a car with a serious history.

The chrome and aluminum are all in a nice condition. The doorgaps are very nice, as can be expected from a Porsche.


The interior design of the 911 is a beautiful place to spend time in. Beige leather upholstery on the seats (as original specification) and interior panels provides a beautiful striking contrast against the Blue paintwork.

The instruments, switches, and controls are all in excellent original condition, as are the carpets and headliner.

The overall experience of the interior is wonderfully mellowed and fascinating thanks to the car’s myriad of interesting period details, all of which have been lovingly preserved and thoughtfully maintained.


The engine bay of this 911 is looking fabulous as it is recently beautifully detailed. Take a look at the pictures to get a glimp of the nice looking engine bay.


The car drives great and handles perfect. This 911 provide the driver with a special and highly enjoyable driving experience. The acceleration and noises from the engine and exhaust are both very impressive. It has a wonderful exhaust note because of the special exhaust (original exhaust comes with the car)

The car steers very straight and the response on all pedals can be described as excellent.

This particular car is a superb early example and a very handsome car ready for use.

We have personally driven a few rallies with this car and enjoyed the experience immensely.

Really early examples of the Porsche 911 are becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially in such good driving condition as this one.

It’s easy to drive, it’s reliable and easy to maintain.

With fast rising collector focus on these early short-wheelbase cars, this 1965 Porsche 911 provides an excellent opportunity for the serious collector.

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