• Baujahr 
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    17 300 mi / 27 842 km
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    Vereinigtes Königreich


Hexagon Classics are delighted to offer this glorious, low mileage 997 GT3, which is surely a modern Porsche classic.   At the heart of the 911 GT3 is the engine. The flat six 3,600 cc boxer engine is located right at the back for a low centre of gravity and increased traction at the rear axle. A direct development from motorsport of course, with 415 hp on tap. The torque figure is an equally impressive 405 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The smooth six-speed manual gearbox effectively transmits this power onto the road. The gear lever throw is short and the handling precise. 0-62 mph is achieved in just 4.3 secs.