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Bastos Livery In Tribute to 1984 Championship Winning Car
Elephant Racing Safari Suspension
Factory Sunroof, Roof Rack, Duck Tail Spoiler
Wevo Upgrades, Dansk Sport Muffler, Custom Mudguards
Comes with PIAA Rally Driving Light Pod


With 70 years of excellence, the Porsche 911 has dominated many race venues. Built with impressive motorsports engineering and design improvements refined over the years, the air-cooled, manual shift era reached a pivotal point with the last of these great cars from the air-cooled era. Although Porsche had been dominant in closed track competition, they had also competed in off road rally events. And, typical for Porsche, after many years of victory, they set their sights high – to win the longest road race in history, the Paris-Dakar Rally. But to do it in a sports car was, in 1984, unheard of. Yet against all odds, Porsche proved it could be done, winning the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally in a specially modified 911. Every effort was made to make a durable high-performance car, one that would still covey the look and feel of the original 911. What has become iconic over the ensuing 40 years is the look, stance, and unmistakably powerful presence of a Porsche 911 Rally car.

This example is a tribute to the Bastos Porsche 911 SCRS that won the world championship in 1984. Beginning with a 1985 Carrera sunroof coupe, the exterior livery reflects the dynamic Bastos colors and graphics from the 1980s race period. Under the livery, the 3.2 Liter mechanical features are essentially stock with important modifications and updates consistent with the rally theme.


Elephant Racing Safari Suspension

Classic Retrofit Electric AC System

Wevo Shifter

Wevo Engine Mounts

Wevo Transmission Mounts

Stomski Racing Shift Coupler

Getty Design Ducktail

Auto Foreign Replica Roof Rack

Audette Collection LED Headlights

Yokohama Geolander Tires 215/60 R16

Extended Wheel Studs

Dansk Sport Muffler

Voltphreaks Battery + Kill Switch

Front Strut Brace

RS Doorcards

Custom Mudguards

Center Console Delete

Momo Mod.07 350mm Steering Wheel with Red Center Stripe

Deleted Frunk Hood Strut (to avoid interference with new AC system)

Under prior ownership the Safari modifications were performed, while the current owner continued with general service and maintenance adding additional features and enhancements which eventually totaled over $50k to complete the build. The Bastos livery, installed last year, consists of removable vinyl adhesive graphics, lettering, and stripes. The overall mechanical condition of the car is consistent with the visual presentation. General mechanical work has been performed as needed, most notably, the transmission was rebuilt at 108k miles.

Today this 911 Safari Porsche presents very nicely overall. The vivid red paint is lustrous and glossy with smooth finishes showing only minor road chips and wear typical of cars that have been enjoyably driven. Having been repainted some years ago, the cosmetics remain very cohesive throughout the car including details and panel fit. Factory shut lines are excellent for all opening features, including the doors which shut with a crisp “Porsche Ping”. The black trim throughout the car is excellent including the unique accordion boots positioned at all four corners of the impact bumpers. The stance is perfectly positioned on desirable 16” Fuchs wheels wearing Yokohama Geolander tires. Flanked at the rear, a Getty Design Ducktail spoiler puts a finishing touch on the performance look and feel of this Safari 911. The glass, lenses, and lights are in excellent condition and the Bastos livery has been expertly applied, giving the car a dynamic feeling of movement and energy even when standing still.

The black interior is enhanced by a pair of custom Recaro seats finished with checkered red and grey cloth seat insert material. The seats are in excellent condition and contribute just the right touch to the Safari/Rally theme. The interior has excellent continuity and cleanliness including the stock 911 dashboard, lightweight RS door cards, a Momo steering wheel, and an uncluttered center floor section where the center console was formerly fitted. The G50 factory 5-speed manual transmission has been upgraded with a Wevo shifter. The pristine dashboard displays black-dial instruments with vivid white nomenclature, and high contrast orange needles. The rear seat remains stock with what appears to be original seatback carpet. The cabin carpets, headliner, and sun visors are in excellent condition as is the retractable sunroof, a nice feature for open air driving. The front storage compartment is clean and properly finished reflective of original construction with a front strut brace installed to improve structural rigidity under hard cornering.

The engine compartment is original and unmodified, remaining essentially stock. The 3.2-liter engine and engine compartment are clean and attractive, offering an authentic presentation which is impressive given the 174k miles indicated on the odometer. The chassis is in very good condition including an aftermarket aluminum protective front underbody rock guard which adds to the rally theme. Though not detailed for show, underside components are presentable and there is no evidence of structural compromise to the floor pan or suspension mounting points.

This Porsche is accompanied by a quad lamp PIAA lighting array with molded shrouding material finished in matching body color red. This unit can be mounted to the hood with appropriate hardware. The engine is retrofitted with electric Air Conditioning however a high output alternator will need to be installed (currently running the stock unit) for the electric AC to properly function.

A cleverly conceived build with unique visual presentation and high-quality finishes ready for driving enjoyment. The jaw-dropping looks, robust modifications, and reliable stock mechanicals ensures the next owner a chance to make some memorable driving moments behind the wheel of a uniquely configured Porsche 911 Safari.

Please contact Jason Harris at +1-206-355-7727 for more information on this 1985 Porsche 911 Safari.