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    160 108 km / 99 487 mi
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Chassis N. WP0ZZZ91ZES102100
Year 1984
Odometer reading 160.108 kms
Interiors totally restored

The new 911 Carrera with 3.2-liter engine was presented in 1983 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Ignition and injection are now managed by the Bosch Motronic system, which establishes the operating conditions of the engine according to the temperature of the cylinder heads and pistons.
Power increases to 228 hp, all of which can be exploited in full safety thanks to the increase in displacement and the adoption of a more powerful braking system, capable of ensuring shorter stopping distances even on wet surfaces.
The dimensions of the disc brakes have been increased, to favor a more effective heat dissipation and on the engine and oil chain tensioners have been mounted
In 1987 the G50 version was proposed with a new G50 transmission, replacing the type 915, with hydraulic clutch. Introduced the red rear band and rear fog lights.

- Very good condition of bodywork and engine, thanks to the periodic services
- The interior of the car was restored like brand new
- Dashboard and dials perfectly working
- Original leather steering wheel
- Moldings, writings and signs are new
- Coupons booklet

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