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Porsche 911 Targa National Police (1974)

'STOP POLICE'! The Porsche brigade of the General Traffic Service, which was controlled from Driebergen, was famous and notorious on the Dutch highways in the 1970s and 80s. The National Police had created this special brigade to provide rapid assistance, to carry out (speed) checks or to provide first aid in the event of an accident. Anyone who stormed the Dutch road network at this time was always aware of the white-orange 911s – which sat on your rear bumper from nowhere, with the compelling message on the light bar in your rear-view mirror. "Make sure you stop in the emergency lane like lightning!"

It is not exactly known how many Porsches the General Traffic Service has involved over the years. But there is no doubt that several hundred 356s, 912s and 911s were used between 1962 and 1997 to ensure road safety on the highway – and to confront hasty speeders with the dangers. Original Porsches of the National Police are now true collector's items. Exclusive, because of their special color scheme and equipment. And full of nostalgia, because as a small child – growing up in the 1970s or 80s – who didn't want to join the Porsche brigade when you grew up?

Original Rijkspolitie Porsches come onto the market sporadically – but at Peet Classics we were able to get hold of a copy. It concerns 'Alex 12.85', as this 911 Targa from 1974 was called. The car will be dressed in the original white livery with orange decals, and will be equipped with the full AVD equipment that was built into the AVD-911s at the time. In addition to the blue flashing lights, the megaphone, the spotlights, light bars and sirens, the car still has its original transmitting equipment. The wiper on the rear window is also characteristic of the AVD-Targas.

The odometer of the 911 Targa is at 76,000 km. Of course, after his service at the AVD, this car ended up in the hands of an enthusiast, who has not cut back on the maintenance of the technology and the cosmetic presentation. In 2015 the car was fully restored to authentic AVD specification. The sheet metal is still immaculate and has a deep shine, the stainless steel trim and the chrome-plated moldings shine like new. The interior also shows no signs of use. The bucket seats are partly covered with velour, which is free of stains and damage. A wooden frame has been installed in place of the rear seat, where all kinds of tools were taken along at the time.

This police Porsche drives as befits a 1974 911 Targa. The air-cooled six-cylinder boxer gets a healthy power of 150 hp from its displacement of 2.7 liters. Also under the hood everything is in showroom condition; the result of a major overhaul of the technology. Thicker anti-roll bars are part of the AVD specification and improve the car's road holding. The 911 stands on beautiful two-tone Porsche ATS wheels, with Goodyear Eagle tires in good condition.

Nostalgia and fascination reign supreme with this rare 1974 Porsche 911 Targa 'Rijkspolitie'. At Peet Classics, we would like to welcome you to tell tall tales about that one time you were pulled over at the side of the road too fast. . Of course we don't need to know how high the fine was...

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