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    60 134 km / 37 366 mi
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    on request
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    on request
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  • Leistung 
    227 BHP / 231 PS / 170 kW
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For many the original Carrera RS is the ultimate Porsche to have, and sole runner-up with the exact same engine and specs on board is what we have here; the ’74 Carrera RS. This 911 was manufactured with that famous 2.7 litre 210 Hp MFI engine, at an equal weight of 1075 kg. Quite an achievement this last fact since it had the updated and much stronger G-model chassis.

That we’re dealing with something truly special here is evident as soon as we start-up the 2.7 MFI. That spectacular rumble from the back and its fast pick-up in rev range make you aware this 911 is a thoroughbred. It becomes even more special when you realise it would take Porsche more than 10 years (!) to bring out a naturally aspirated 911 with power like this again. The rise in emission regulations led the factory to produce 911’s with less and less power from ’74 onwards, at a mere 175 hp for the 911S, later on 197 hp in the Carrera 3.0, then less again in the SC with just 180 hp. Untill finally there was that 231 hp that everyone was waiting for, in the Carrera 3.2 (’84 - ’89), but still toned down to a low 207 hp for the North American and Japan markets.
All this meant that the Carrera RS 2.7 is within a class of its own in Porsche’s long 911 history. And as total production was stopped at 1633 cars, the number of RS’ still around are very low making this model even more rare and sought for.

Our RS here left the factory in a great stand-out colour Sahara beige combined with black leather trim. Originally supplied in Italy, the car has been in The Netherlands for more than 20 years and during that time a lot was spent to keep it in immaculate condition.
In 2007 both engine and gearbox were overhauled by a well respected specialist. Its body was painted professionally and all technical components updated according the original specs. Underneath the RS is in its original coating.
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Cherry on top here is a limited edition book case that comes with the car, numbers matching its chassis/vin; a complete work by Ryan Snodgrass on the Carrera RS’ specific history.

For more information please contact us or check our website. https://www.peetclassics.nl/aanbod/porsche-911-1974-g-carrera-rs-2-7-mfi/

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