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    219 449 km / 136 360 mi
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    193 kW / 263 PS / 259 BHP
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Technical information
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine capacity: 2.993 cc
Transmission: 4 gears, Manual gearbox
Drive: Rear wheel drive

Empty weight: 1.140 kg
Carrying capacity: 330 kg
GVW: 1.470 kg

Emission class: Euro 0

Number of owners: 3

Registration number: 20-GBX-6

The Porsche 930, as the early 911 Turbo was known, has acquired legendary status and has the magical combination of brilliant lines, an aggressive appearance, the reputation of being dangerous to the inexperienced and a turbo. Most modern cars these days have a turbo, it was the Porsche 911 that made the power booster to what it is still famous for. In 1975 Porsche introduced the 911 Turbo, a car equipped with a 3.0 six-cylinder boxer with a large KKK-turbocharger. With a 6.5:1 compression ratio, the engine delivers 260 hp and a huge amount of torque. The power plant of the 911 is that aggressive it was nicknamed “the Widow Maker”. The big turbo is fairly ineffective at low revs to suddenly hit hard in the mid-range. This is exactly the moment many drivers accelerate out of a long bend or on a slip road. In 1978 the engine capacity was enlarged to 3.3 litres and the power output increased to 300 hp.

The Porsche 930 we have here is justifiably described as being quite special. Fitted with original parts from the very limited Turbo S, this is probably the next best thing. The oil cooler, rare front spoiler and louvres in front of the rear wheels indicate something special is going on and quite simply put this 3.3 Turbo is just that.

We sourced this car from a very professional Porsche aficionado. The car’s condition, best described as being perfect and honest, is obvious whether you are an expert or not. A car that presents perfectly without the qualification “for its mileage”. The paintwork is in lovely condition, unblemished in every aspect. All bodywork parts are flawless with correct alignment, widow frames and rubber mouldings. It also features the iconic 16” Fuchs wheels. This is exactly how a 930 should look!

The interior too is perfect. This Porsche shows the quality they instilled nearly forty years ago was incredibly high. Not only is everything beautifully well thought out, but the quality is also such the 930 still looks brilliant today. The black leather seat upholstery is in excellent and undamaged shape. The carpets, door cards and headlining as well as the dashboard appear to belong to a car with 50,000 km on the clock. We really do not have to emphasise the fact that in a 911 ‘G-series’ everything works as it should, as is always true with properly maintained examples.
Mechanically this 911 is totally sound. The previous owner knew only all to well what he had and gave the car all the care it deserved. All maintenance was carried out over and above the standard. The engine bay is very presentable, despite the six-cylinder boxer engine just straining at the bit to go to work. That is what this “blown” 3.3 litre loves to do. What a power plant! Once up to temperature, which takes a little while with the enormous amount of 911’s oil on board, it is pure spectacle. Yes, the Porsche drives surprisingly supple and comfortable until you hit an empty stretch of tarmac when the turbo explodes spectacularly into action. A proper sportscar, that delivers its huge amount of power via the 245 mm wide rear tyres to the road surface. This 911 drives fantastically, it's quick, feels robust and strong and especially provides you with an inordinate amount of pleasure. Suspension, steering and definitely its brakes, every detail about this Porsche is in great order.
With this Porsche, you are buying a true icon, an all-embracing vehicle that is only going to get more and more popular in time.

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