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1996 Porsche 911 (Type 993) Turbo
Chassis no. WPOZZZ99ZTS371675
Engine no. 61T03050

"Six years after the end of its production life the 993-model 911 Carrera has become one of the most sought-after Porsches of all time. In just four years in production the last of the air-cooled 911s established an unrivalled reputation for faultless performance, reliability and not least build quality." – 911 & Porsche World, January 2004.

An important landmark in the Porsche 911's continuing development arrived for 1994 with introduction of the Type 993 version, destined to be the last to use the air-cooled engine that had been a distinguishing feature of the 911 since its introduction 30 years previously. Today the Type 993 is regarded by many as the most beautiful 911 of all. Over the years the 911 had received numerous aerodynamic and safety-inspired add-ons, diluting the purity of the original form; the Type 993's arrival marked a return to basic principles, being recognisably a 911 but one in which all functions had been harmoniously integrated in a truly outstanding example of modern automotive styling. The range offered remained pretty much as before, comprising two- and four-wheel drive Carrera 2/4 models, the legendary Turbo, and the Cabriolet convertible, all powered by the latest 3.6-litre version of Porsche's perennial flat-six engine. Along with the sleeker bodywork came new multi-link rear suspension that improved both ride quality and roadholding, reducing the 911's characteristic lift-off oversteer. The 3.6-litre engine not only produced more power than before but made it available over a wider rev range thanks to 'Variocam' variable valve timing and variable-length air intakes. The Type 993 was also the first 911 to feature a six-speed gearbox.

This 993 Turbo was delivered new to Saudi Arabia in a highly bespoke configuration including special order paint and interior options. Additional Exclusive Department options include 'Light Rootwood' interior finishes throughout, a custom gear shift knob, leather trimmed instrument binnacle with painted faces and leather trimmed sun visors. External options include the factory sunroof and stainless-steel exhaust tips. According to the factory option codes the car was originally delivered with body coloured alloy wheels which would complete the striking specification. Interested parties should request to see the extensive options list on file which runs to several pages.

Currently displaying a total of 26,151 kilometres on the odometer, this 993 Turbo has been in storage for some time and will require re-commissioning before returning to the road. Accompanying documentation consists of copies of the Porsche vehicle Identification sheets detailing its specification.

Please note that this vehicle is offered without any original registration documents, bidders should satisfy themselves as to the registration requirements in their own jurisdiction. Please contact the department for further information.

Please note that if this vehicle is to be imported into Switzerland, Swiss Customs charges (Duty, Car Tax and VAT) will apply at roughly 12.5% of the Purchase Price. Included in this is the Swiss Duty which is calculated on the weight of the vehicle and shall be CHF 15 per 100 kg. Also included is Swiss Car Tax at 4% and this is calculated on the total Purchase Price (Hammer + Buyers Premium). Swiss VAT will then be applicable on the aggregated amount of the Hammer Price, Buyer's Premium, Swiss Duty and Swiss Car Tax at a rate of 7.7%.
Please note that customs rates to other countries shall vary. This vehicle will not be available for immediate collection after the sale and will only be released on completion of customs clearance. If you have any questions regarding customs clearance, please contact the Bonhams Motorcar Department or our recommended shippers.

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