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Chassis No. WP0AA299XTS321566

While most attribute Porsche's epic 30-year run of success to the Cayenne or perhaps the Boxster, what most overlook is the sales successes of the 993-generation (1995-1998) 911 in advance of the introduction of either of those two very successful models. At their nadir in 1993, Porsche sold just 3,713 vehicles in the US and Canada. Dire times indeed, especially with three distinct models 968, 964, and 928 comprising the lineup. Dire enough that Porsche was considering bankruptcy. Yet, just five years later, with a model line consisting of only two models (993 and Boxster) Porsche sold almost five times as many cars, closing their 1998 US and Canada ledger with 18,207 total sales with 7,547 of them being 993s. An incredible turn around, due to the sales successes of the most elegant of all air-cooled 911s, the 993-generation.

When design work began for the new 993 in 1991 Porsche touted the current 964-generation (1990-1994) 911 as over 85 percent new, 'but visually it looked barely 20 percent new' according to Tony Hatter. Hatter, lead of the new 993 design team, set out to make many visual and aerodynamic enhancements over the previous generation 911. Following Ferdinand Porsche's mantra, 'Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult,' Hatter and his team set out to improve the bumpers as they were 'too bulbous' and unbalanced from front to rear on the 964. They smoothed the headlights to mimic the 959s while maintaining the classic 911 front fender profile and added width to the rear fenders. When the new 911 coupe and cabriolet debuted at the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show Porsche knew they had a sales success on their hands with the newest generation of the evergreen 911.

Over the next five years – Porsche true to their style – added a number of different ingredients to the 911 recipe: C2S, C4S, targa, turbo, RS, GT2... All of these additions create their own flavor of 911 but there is something subtly exciting when you encounter a 993 stripped of its wings, fender flares and turbos.

The 993 on offer is such a car. This 1996 Carrera 4 is positively brimming with the highlights that make those serious about Porsche stand up and take notice. Original-owner, six-speed manual transmission and 14,996 miles for starters. The original owner made the fortuitous decision to order this car in the very rare shade of Aventurine Green Metallic, a special-order color that shifts from green to blue-grey depending on the light. The Cashmere Beige and Black combination leather interior matches the exterior color choice extremely well. The interior remains wonderfully stock and its condition is consummate with mileage, showing very little wear. The original Becker CDR-210 CD-Radio remains in the dash as is a testament to the originality of this very special vehicle. Additionally, this 993 was ordered as a Carrera 4 featuring Porsche's all-wheel drive system first pioneered in the 959 supercar and later used in both the 993 Turbo and Turbo S. Besides the obvious benefits of an all-wheel drive system underpinning this 993, the C4 is visually distinguished by silver painted Brembo brake calipers, 'Carrera 4' center caps, silver exterior Carrera badge and silver topped shift lever. Electric sliding sunroof and Xenon headlights are other notable options.

As expected, a car this well-kept and owned by a single individual also retains many of the beacons of originality that go missing in lesser cars. It has both sets of 'Porsche Drive Block' switchblade remote keys, owner's manual set with stamped service book, toolkit and spare tire. This 993 is one to be driven and enjoyed. It is an unmodified, very original specimen of what Tony Hatter and his team designed to be the final iteration of the air-cooled 911 and the one that ultimately saved Porsche.

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