1993 Porsche 911 / 964 Carrera


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More comprehensive one can hardly put a vehicle after 22 years and 159000km in a year-car-like condition. Without any consideration for costs, this anniversary 911 was restored both technically and visually and with photographic documentation. Currently about € 50.000.- have been raised for this purpose. In addition to much uncalculated working hours of own work, all individual invoices are available for the said sum. Engine, transmission, chassis, brakes, clutch, bodywork and paintwork, axles, tires, etc, so all major components have been overhauled, restored, reworked or renewed. It should be noted that all mentioned works were carried out exclusively preventively and without any necessity! The vehicle had at the beginning of this project neither any body defects, or to complain about engine damage! He was in such a state

These WTL-wide Rubens-Porsche are almost overdrawn in their lascivious and curvy design vocabulary. Like the classic Coca-Cola bottle, the legendary Cobra, or Merilyn Monroe on pin-up photos - they are at least as "sexy", this very special Porsche.

Therefore, our compliment at this point the patient, but above all consistent client of this "project". Well done!

The result is a virtually flawless jubilee penalty.

One of 911. The 339th. Violan metallic, full leather rubicon.

He was first delivered to the CH and moved until today exclusively there (Ticino / Locarno). He is accident-free, he is completely complete checkbook maintenance, he has all the original documents, the original accessories such as compressor, tool, etc., all the original keys, and he is beautiful to the kneel.

All original parts of the interior are included, so that every individualization of the interior can be restored to its original state. Similarly, the currently mounted cup exhaust can be retrofitted with attached original parts.

Otherwise, we would highly recommend anyone interested in keeping the new, precisely tuned BILSTEIN PSS9 suspension exactly as it is now. The car drives perfectly!

We will soon have sorted and read all available original invoices to list the work at this point. Please be patient, it's definitely worth it!

Until then, we put this car to your heart in many ways: it is almost flawless, it is one of the most beautiful, built 911 ever, and it is rare, collectible and thus a safe investment in the future. Quite apart from the driving pleasure, which he offers next to all collectibles.

Thank you for your attention until then!

Your DLS team


/ Model:
PORSCHE 964 Carrera 4 Coupe WTL

Mileage: 159050 km
Exterior: violan metallic
Interior: full leather rubicon
First registration: Jun / 1993
Power in PS / kW: 250 hp
Automotive body:
Sports car / coupe


ABS, all-wheel drive, power windows, automatic climate control, leather upholstery, alloy wheels, sunroof, power steering, heated seats, central locking

3600 cc, 250 hp, 5.5 sec 0-100 km / h, Vmax 264 km / h.