1963 Porsche 356


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Chassis no. 215159
Karmann Coachwork
Engine Boxer 4 Cyl.
Displacement 1582 cc
Power 95 HP
Gearbox Manual 4 speed
Porsche Certificate of Origin

There were four generations of the legendary 356, in '65 at the end of his commercial career there was already 911 on the market.
The 356 SC has a modest displacement but remains as fast and fun on the road as any of the other opponents. The set-up cannot be called "luxurious", but the quality of the materials and the care of the assembly are exemplary and of a high standard, as can be expected from the House of Stuttgart.

Collectors have always known that owning a 356 is an important achievement.
The 356 was the first Porsche to spark speculation on the brand, particularly in the Speedster and Carrera versions that then dragged all other variants upwards.
Rear-mounted 4-cylinder boxer engine.

- The car is in very good condition.
- Restoration of all components of mechanics and bodywork.
- The interior has been restored, the three-spoke steering wheel remains the original one.
- New instrumentation, knobs, levers and upholstery.
- New rims and tires.
- New bumpers, grilles, moldings and writing with emblems. The headlights and the external rearview mirror have been replaced.

This classic Porsche is now an investment that will keep its value unchanged over time.
It is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.