1963 Porsche 356

356 SC ex-Sonauto


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- Completely original example
- Superb upholstery, lovely patina
- 95 bhp engine
- No reserve

Underneath the layers of dust, this car is presented in a rare condition. To begin with, the chassis number corresponds to a Karmann coupé built in 1963. Then, the engine is the 95 bhp SC version dating from the same year. Finally, the colour code plaque has the number 6403, corresponding to "Emailblau", the mid-blue colour that appears on the car. Furthermore, it has red upholstery, which was the colour, in addition to black, available with this particular blue. The seats are incredibly well preserved, with an exceptional patina. The carpets need replacing but the dashboard is correct, and the odometer reads 86 806 km. The car has the small Sonauto badge on the back typical of the cars sold in France, and the front trunk contains the heating system and jack.
There is an amusing anecdote about this car, revealed in an invoice dated 26 July 1974, that specifies the " removal, impoundment and safe keeping by order of the Courbevoie police station " of this Porsche and a Lancia Flaminia Zagato. Roger Baillon then had to pay 290 francs for the Porsche and 325 francs for the Lancia. The latter was subsequently sold but the Porsche remained...Here is a unique opportunity to acquire a completely original European model, that has not been subjected to any restoration or modification.