1954 Porsche 356

1500 preA


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- Pre-A example much sought after
- Rare and interesting model
- Mille Miglia Eligible
- With V windshield characteristic of these early versions
- Engine replaced by the factory in 1958
- With FIVA Certificate
- With Porsche’s Certificate of Authenticity
- Attractive colours

Although Ferdinand Porsche had established his automotive design consultancy in the early 1930s, his name would not appear on a car until 1949.
When he did it, it graced one of the all-time great sports cars: the Porsche 356.
Having commenced manufacture with a short run of aluminium-bodied cars built at Gmünd, Porsche began volume production of the steel-bodied 356 coupe at its old base in Stuttgart, at first in premises shared with coachbuilders Reutter and then (from 1955) in its original factory at Zuffenhausen.

In April 1950, Reutter in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen started serial production of the 356 coupé.
Around the middle of 1951 it introduced the undivided windscreen, today known as „Knickscheibe“ (bent windscreen).
From October the car came with bumper-horns and a two-spoke steering wheel. On a technological level, the selection of engines was restructured and the brake system significantly enlarged using aluminium brake drums. From November 1954 a stabiliser bar was mounted on the front axle, shortly before in September 1955 the 356 A was introduced.


This is a very rare 356 “pre -A” example with the desirable 1500 engine.

According to the Porsche Historical Archive, the Porsche left the factory in March 1954. It was delivered new in Krefeld, Germany.

The car is currently in a beautiful Dark Blue colour and the car has the much wanted V-windshield which characterises these early versions, reminiscent of the first windshield in two parts.

The Certificate of Authenticity issued by Porsche specified that the engine was number P32817 and later, in May 1958 the engine was replaced BY THE FACTORY by the engine Number P31739 of the correct type and year.

This Porsche 356 is an easy car to drive, a relatively simple car to maintain and the car is eligible for the most prestigious international events included the Mille Miglia.


The condition of the Porsche is very nice. The body is in a very nice shape with nice gaps.
The aluminium parts are in a nice order and all windows and glasses are without scratches or imperfections.

The rubbers are all in a good condition as well and don’t show any dryness.

The paint shows here and there some spots which we can show when the car is getting inspected.

Always thoughtful of it being an important part of Porsche history, the Porsche’s German former owner, who owned the car for the last 10 years, was careful to keep the car in a climate controlled setting. Today it shows extremely well as expected with minimal use and a lot of care since the completion of the restoration.


The beautiful interior features Blue leather seats, and the dashboard is equipped with a period and original radio.
The interior of this Porsche is superb. It is made with the highest quality materials.
The leather which is used is very beautiful. The dashboard is also nicely sprayed.
All meters and gauges have been restored and are in a perfectly working orde.


Really early ‘Pre-A’ examples of the Porsche 356 are becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially in such a good condition as this example.

We think that no Porsche Collection can be truly complete without one of the models that started the story.

The car is driving very well. The handling is just perfect and the car is rather fast.

It’s easy to drive, it’s reliable and easy to maintain. Other road users and pedestrians also love it; they come and talk to you about it and want to find out more.

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