1967 Pontiac GTO


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Designer: Jack Humbert

Estimate: $42,000 -­ $53,000

Chassis Number: 242077P237078
Decoded: 2=Pontiac Division; 42=GTO; 07=2­dr “post” sedan; 7=1967; P=Pontiac, MI
assembly; 237078=137,078th 1967 Pontiac scheduled for production at Pontiac
Engine: 400 cid OHV “Y-­block” V8
4-­barrel Carburetor / 360 bhp
3-­Speed Turbo Hydramatic Transmission
Power Assisted Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes
Mileage: 37,510

● Verified Authentic GTO per PHS
● Beautiful Restoration
● High Output 360 HP from the Factory

The Model: Things were looking up for the GTO when the 1967 models hit the showroom floors. In 1966, GTO had become a stand­alone model, and this year, the new, larger V8 with a lot more torque, was placed under the hood. Available in two performance versions, the High-Output edition was cranking out 360 HP and 438 foot­-pounds of torque. Helping deliver that power were larger valves, low restriction air ­filter, and dual exhaust with low­-restriction (loud) mufflers. A long list of performance, convenience and comfort options would be elected, including the newly released Turbo­ Hydramatic transmission. Starting with a base price for the Sport Coupe of $2,935, it wasn’t head to bring the out to the door cost to well over $4,400. Due to outstanding marketing, excellent performance, one of the most popular Top 40 songs ever and great styling, GTO was a legend in its own time.

The Car: One of the most important part of the muscle­ car buying experience is checking on the car’s credentials, and this sharp Pontiac coupe has everything that is needed. From the Pontiac Historical Society comes factory documentation of this machine’s heritage, including a window sticker which spells out everything that came on this car. While the 1967 GTO was offered in three body styles, the “Sport Coupe” saw the lowest production with just 7,024 units produced. Given a full restoration the body features smooth and well aligned panels, deep reflective chrome and under the hood the mighty V8 is fitted with chrome valve covers plus air cleaner and is detailed just as the factory prepared the car. Among other features are the Sate-T­Trac rear axle and a hood-­mounted tachometer. Several after­market gauges have been neatly mounted under the dash. From the hey­days of the muscle car era comes this sharp GTO.