1991 Peugeot 205

GTI Le Mans


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French registration papers
Chassis number : VF320CDK224132215

- Only 84 cars built
- Known history
- Substantial mechanical restoration

During the 1980s, the GTIs had the wind in their sails. They were successful in the market, and Volkswagen surely expected to remain the champion in this contest with its legendary Golf GTI. But VW had reckoned without Peugeot, which introduced the GTI version of its famous 205 in 1984. The little car from Sochaux arrived belatedly, after the R5 Alpine and Golf GTI, but had some strong arguments in its favour and a character all its own, to the extent that it would leave its mark on generations of car enthusiasts to come. Offered first with a 1.6-litre engine producing 105bhp, it was later sold as a 115bhp version from March 1986. The 1.9-litre version appeared at the end of 1986, and a number of special editions were introduced, such as the ‘Griffe’ (3000 units) or the exceedingly rare and exclusive Le Mans version, produced for the Swedish market, of which just 84 cars were built! Nearly 300,000 cars were produced over a career lasting some ten years, making the 205 GTI one of the Peugeot factory’s greatest successes to this day.

The model which we are offering for sale is one of the 84 Peugeot 205 GTI Le Mans produced for sale in Sweden, with some options specific to colder climates. Heated front seats, an engine pre-heater for easier starting in very cold weather, automatic headlights when starting up, a red reflective strip at the back of the car and a special rustproofing treatment for the sills … the list goes on. Mechanically speaking, all the cars built had the 1.9-litre engine with a catalytic converter producing 122 bhp; externally, they can be recognised by their special Miami Blue paintwork. This model was delivered to AB Autogruppen Stockholm (confirmed by the certificate issued by L’Aventure Peugeot) and still has its original paintwork; the total distance covered of 144,000 km (89,500 miles) is corroborated by an extensive file of invoices and safety inspection certificates. The bodywork is very sound with no sign of corrosion, and the car underwent a major mechanical restoration two years ago, including the timing gear, water pump, alternator belt, rear suspension, braking system, steering rack, bearings and all the filters and fluids. It was featured in a six-page article in the magazine Hors-Série 205 and attracted much attention in the French 205 GTI Club area at the 2018 Le Mans Classic. Even more exclusive than the ‘Griffe’ limited edition, it is believed that only half a dozen 205 GTI Le Mans remain in Europe …