1952 Peugeot 203

203 Bachée


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French title

- Adventurous and easy to use
- Rare in this condition
- A French with an American look!
- No reserve

You want rustic, well here it is! We love to offer popular French cars. This car has a lot of charm, with its inimitable adventurous look! This rare example of the 203 in this version with its tarpaulin top can be used as a practical car, or even a family car for a drive into the forests (it has two wooden benches at the rear section), or simply as a remembrance of a rural France from the past, much appreciated in the 1950s in a beautiful collection.
The condition of this 203 respects the rustic character of the car, with its characteristic grey color and rims without wheel caps. The interior is basic and its grey leatherette seats have split slightly with the ravages of time. The dashboard and the steering wheel, identical to those of the sedan version are in good original condition. A beacon on the roof not only decorates the look of this nice car, but helps for checking things out in the night. The paint was redone some time ago and the coachwork of the car is in correct condition. The load platform has been very well preserved, as the tarpaulin hood, and are in good original condition. These utility vehicles have always so extensively used and most have been run to the ground so not many survive. Thus there are very few left. It is neat and very faithful to the original. An entertaining vehicle that is fun and original, this is the perfect car for the gentleman farmer or a discerning collector.