1938 Peugeot 202



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French registration papers

Second hand since the early 70’s
Original books
Only 58 000 kms from new

The 202 Peugeot had the difficult task of succeeding the Peugeot 201 whose commercial success was not denied throughout the 30s. Presented in January 1938, the little Peugeot seats near the 402 and the 302 with its front grill recognizable among all, testifying a research on aerodynamics. On the specifications, the Peugeot offers a sedan 4 seats 6 hp 4 cylinders engine capable of reaching a top speed of 100 km / h. In October 1938 the management of the firm reached its goal: behind Citroën, and ahead of Renault, the Sochaux brand became the second largest French car manufacturer. Undoubtedly this success owes much to the true qualities of his cars. More affordable than a Simca Eight, the Peugeot 202 is also more versatile than the coach Juvaquatre, a total of 140,000 copies of this model are sold with a long career lasting before and after the second world war.

The car we present is an authentic barn find. The current collector Mr L bought it in 1970 in a small village in Saône et Loire to a retired couple who bought it new in 1938. The couple who had never had children then certify to Mr L that no one had ever sat in the back! The beauty of the interior testifies to this low use and the guaranteed mileage of origin of 58 000 km. Specific to pre-war models, the pilot wheels are present and in very good condition. Nothing about this car has been touched or repainted since the beginning in 1938. The patina of the Peugeot is inimitable. Everything is on board: the original key, the jack, the spare wheel etc ... The engine is not blocked but requires a little bit of care to put it back on the road.
This is a rare opportunity to buy a very moving barn find in beautiful condition, very sound and with just a little bit of work to enjoy driving it for a Sunday ride.