1923 Peugeot 163

156 Torpédo 25HP


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French title

- Extremely rare example
- Complete mechanical rebuild
- Imposing appearance

Just 180 examples of the Peugeot 156, presented in 1920, were built between 1921 and 1923. It was fitted with a remarkable six-cylinder sleeve-valve (Schmid patent) engine of almost 6-litres, that enabled the car to reach an honorable speed of over 90 km/h. It is interesting to note that this model was used by the French President of the Republic, Alexandre Millerand.
The example presented, equipped with a torpedo body, featured a handbrake outside the body and a long axle, which may have led the Peugeot museum, according to the owner, to consider that this car was destined to be used for racing. There is another feature that suggests this vocation: the mounting of optional front brakes. Delivered new in the Bordeaux region in 1923, and then sold in the Agen area in 1936, this automobile was hidden during the Second World War in a château in Les Landes. It was recovered by the well-known collector Jean Piquemal, who began its restoration, which was completed by the current owner, who bought the car in 1996. A complete mechanical overhaul was carried out, costing over 22,000 euro, by the excellent RMA workshop, in Trégastel, as shown in a DVD that will be passed on to the buyer. This car is in excellent running condition and presentation. A second engine (MZ81), spare gearbox, radiator, bonnet and other parts will be supplied with the car, something not to be underestimated given the rarity of the model.
Here is a unique opportunity to acquire the flagship model of the Peugeot range at the start of the 1920s, with powerful and original engineering, that, in good conditions, will allow the new owner to ride in an automobile of indisputable quality.