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Founded in 1887 by Réne Panhard and Émile Levassor, Panhard et Levassor began producing automobiles under the license of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft for the French automotive market. Throughout the 1890s, the company developed technological advancements in partnership with DMG, including a radiator mounted at the front of the chassis as well as the modern automotive gearbox. Originally licensing sleeve-valve engines from American inventor Charles Yale Knight, Panhard et Levassor worked to develop the conventional valve design just after the turn of the century, a design still utilized in modern internal combustion engines.

At the 1926 Paris Motor Show, Panhard et Levassor debuted its first six-cylinder engine-powered vehicle since WWI. It was priced at 58,000 French francs in bare chassis form. A Panhard six-cylinder based on Knight architecture was utilized in the Type X63, such as the example offered.

While the early history of this Type X63 Berline is not known, it was a part of the Schlumpf Reserve Collection in Alsace, France, before being acquired by the Mullin Collection in 2008. Hailing from one of the earliest automotive brands, this Panhard et Levassor presents collectors with the option of embarking on a complete restoration or displaying this fascinating unrestored Berline in as-found condition.

*Please note that all of the Lots in this Auction have been in long-term static storage at the Mullin Automotive Museum and may not be currently operational. They will require mechanical attention and in some cases significant restoration prior to any road use.

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