1938 Packard Super Eight

Super Eight Cabriolet


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- Highly luxurious model
- Rare and desirable coachwork
- Superb restoration project
- No reserve

From the marque's earliest days, the Packard stood apart for its quality and performance. In fact, the 12-cylinder model presented in 1915 was so successful that over 15,000 examples were built. Another V12 version appeared in the 1930s, with a chassis also used for the Super Eight, as presented here, with a straight eight-cylinder 6.3-litre 145 bhp engine ; a level of power that may seem modest today, but was only the prerogative of a handful of luxury models at that time.
This Packard Super Eight cabriolet corresponds to an extremely rare European version, as evidenced by the speedometer graduated in km/h. Its Parisian registration (EW 75) corresponds to the year 1956 or 1957, showing that it has certainly been in France since then. The body is complete and the car retains its luggage rack and the frame of the hood, which will provide a valuable template for a new frame. The windscreen has broken. Inside, the burgundy leather interior appears to be original, and the dashboard is partially complete. This sophisticated, luxury car, with rare and attractive coachwork, deserves to be restored to a level in keeping with its status.