1966 Morris Mini Cooper S

MK1 1275


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French registration papers

Interesting preparation
Beautifully manufactured
A truly performing car

A true stroke of genius, the Austin Mini presented in 1959 immediately attracted the attention of amateur competitive athletes and préparateurs with its handling qualities and agility. John Cooper, a manufacturer of Formula 1 and rally cars, sees the potential and proposes to its creator Alec Issigonis to produce a more developed version. The management of the BMC group gives the green light and the two men cooperate to produce a sporty and economical Mini Cooper. The Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper versions were released in 1961. In 1964, a new Mini Cooper called "S" was produced and equipped with a 1,275 cc engine! She will become the darling, both in the race and in the beautiful districts. This small bomb is the most desirable Mini among the countless versions produced until 2000.
In an exceptional condition, it was prepared in "Stage 3" configuration with forged pistons and a lightweight flywheel. The gearbox is a Cooper S 4-speed Cooper S equipped with the quick shift system with straight sprocket, the clutch is reinforced with a race disc and the front suspensions are mounted with adjustable Koni. On the braking side, Cooper S discs at the front and ventilated drums at the rear are in line with what was done during the season. The cabin has also been carefully prepared with a 6-point roll bar, two 5-point buckets and harnesses and an approved fire extinguisher. The dashboard remains original with its sacrosanct central counter combining oil pressure and water temperature, with a rev counter installed behind the steering wheel. Purchased in 2019 by its current owner, the car will undergo some changes and improvements. Installation of a horn, choke control, new Champion spark plugs, carburettor adjustment, installation of a spare wheel, etc…Externally, the car is superb, mounted on its minilight in 10 inches. Ultra high performant, designed more for the track than for the ride, the agility and quality of manufacture of this car only add to the enormous love of this real little bomb!

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, France, on March the 21th, 2021.
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