1969 Morgan 4/4


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French registration

- No reserve
- One owner from new
- Restoration of a very high level
- The car from the movie "Les Valseuses"!

Morgan is probably the only automaker that has remained so long in the hands of the same family. The models reflect this sense for tradition, with the Morgan 4/4 retaining the design drawn in the 1930s, with very little change. The manufacturing system has remained traditional too, with its body-on-wood structure, and the technical aspects evolved gradually to match the increase in performance. The manufacturer has managed to maintain a loyal customer base, and delivery times have been traditionally much longer than average.
The main feature of the Morgan 4/4 we present is that it is a first-hand ...! Indeed, the owner really fell in love with the car, at the Salon de Paris in 1968, where he ordered the car. A year later he received his precious Morgan, equipped with the very reliable 1600cc Ford engine. Since then, it was used mainly as an occasional use car, to drive down to South of France for holidays.
During its peaceful life, this car knew a funny anecdote: The owner, one day, discovered on the door of his home a message asking him to lend his car for a movie. The film in question was ... "Les Valseuses", the shooting took place in Chabeuil. Thus the Morgan, which retained its registration, spent a day with Gerard Depardieu and Patric Dewaere and if, in the film, we see a fire, it is obviously only with some smoke!
After years of use, the car is sent to an artisan, for a total restoration in 2005. This lasted over two and a half years, and the result is great. Everything was restored: the mechanicals, the electrics, the bodywork, upholstery (with protective covers), hood and side-screens. A folder with all the photos provides a deeper insight into the quality of restoration. The car is now almost too good for the owner, who does not dare to drive it anymore!
A test confirmed the fine drivability of this Morgan and the pleasure it provides. With its simple mechanicals, its classic shape and four seats, it's a unique way to explore secondary roads, making the journey as important as the objective of arriving at your destination.