1961 Moretti 750

Multipla 750 Mare


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Italian registration

- Elegant and playful car
- Full body restoration
- Fine wicker seats
- No reserve

The Moretti Multipla Mare we offer would have been found in Greece, at a time when it was still being used as a shuttle in a tourist village. Imported in Italy in 2013, it was completely restored, with a full frame-off job, and replacement of the sheet metal panels that had suffered from corrosion. Photographs included in the file attest to the comprehensive work done. The car is equipped with elegant wicker seats, typical features of these "beach" versions, which have been redone by remaining as close as possible to the origin. Moreover, the mechanicals were serviced, as well as the wiring. The pretty Borrani wire wheels have been restored too. Since its restoration this original car has hardly been used.
In the 1960s, Moretti manufactured various models, derived from Fiats, with a production volume averaging some 1,500 vehicles per year. Between 1958 and 1961, this small manufacturer made several special versions of the Multipla, including this "beach" version, mainly for hot sunny regions. The car is now ready once again to carry its occupants in a fun and very original way.