1990 Montecarlo Centenaire


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Good Conditions
Last creation of Ing. Carlo Chiti
Unique piece in the world
First car in the world built 100% in carbon
Car registrable in Monaco
Chassis 003

The first car in the world made 100% carbon with bodywork and monocoque
(Frame) central, was the CENTENAIRE, produced by the Montecarlo Automobile SAM, between 1990 and 91 in 5 exemplary Made in Monaco.

Last car production in the history of Carlo Chiti, after Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, all of them ex F1 and Indy CAR driver, Fulvio Maria Ballabio and Guglielmo Bellasi, a carbon pioneer in F1 unit, for the production of the first GT Made in Monaco with heart and Italian history, as well as the first super CAR 90 years of over 300 Km/h in carbon with its own V12 engine
This car was built with the original chassis 003, was built by the former Alfa Romeo Autodelta staff headed by Carlo Chiti with Pierluigi Corbari and Ciro Barletta car chief of Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet at Brabham Alfa and was brought to the MCA plants, Montecarlo Engineering in Monaco Fontville and presented at the Los Angeles Show on January 92 by Carlo Chiti and Phil Hil his driver in Ferrari F 1 world champion 1961

The car then took part in the 24h version of Le Mans with the colors of Georgia Tiblisi's MIG / Sukoy, with an unprecedented 750hp Biturbo v12 made by ing Chiti and then the crew for a new contract with Alfa leaders in 1994 of a V6 Alfa Romeo as it is today and continues to evolve
The car remained the property of the engineer Chiti as payment in kind of its performance, and then passed from the same manufacturer FMB after being the owner of Schevarnaze back to Monaco, this car was also registered in Monaco of well-known member Grimaldi family.

Carlo Chiti's Centenario car UNIQUE exemplary in the world, so conceived of the 5 Centenaries known today, has continued its evolution and experimentation in the hands of Nanni Galli pilots FM Ballabio Peo Consonni Pierre Honneger Philippe Renault Massimiliano Sorghi and winning his FIA cat, using alternative fuels including LPG and GNV and has announced the foundation of Prince Albert II the FPA2
Possibility for historical and immatriculable