1962 Mercedes-Benz W111/112

220 SE Cabriolet


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French registration papers

Excellent specification
More than 40 000 € invoices in 2017
Comfortable, luxurious, with good build quality

The epitome of a golden age in motoring, the Mercedes W111 convertibles are synonymous with prosperity and good taste, and their elegant styling has aged well. Their superb build quality, refined interiors and straight-six engines are all characteristics which perfectly define this range of cars bearing the three-pointed star. The work of the French designer Paul Bracq, just 2729 examples of the 220 SE Cabriolet were built. This rare convertible has always been cherished by successive generations of collectors.

The imposing Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Cabriolet we are offering for sale is finished in a most attractive light grey with a blue leather interior, as originally specified. The car was sold new on 15 september 1962 in United States and as its chassis number indicates, the manual gearbox fitted is as originally supplied. It is now in a really fine condition as the entire body was restored like the engine too for more than 40 000 €. The whole body was restored with removal of the engine and the drive train front and rear. The interior was also extensively refurbished, including the leather and wood trim. The work on the upholstery was carried out to a high standard, carefully respecting the contour of the seats. The woodwork was also refinished and has an attractive veneer. The hood, which was also restored, is in excellent condition.
The mechanical part is the one which required most expenses. Indeed, six cylinders was completely redone as well as all the elements appendix to the mechanics: speed box, radiator, brakes, the clutch and shock absorbers.

During our road test, the car drove well with smooth gearchanges, and its flexible engine is still well suited to use today. This car represents a unique opportunity to buy one of the finest examples of German expertise in matters of comfort, with the added flair offered by the convertible version. Its excellent specification with a nice condition and manual gearchange further contribute to the appeal of this unusually fine specimen.