1974 Mercedes-Benz Transporter

408 Notin Camper exceptionally preserved original !


  • Baujahr 
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    49 995 km / 31 066 mi
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  • Elektrische Fensterheber
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Exceptional 1 family owner 1974 Notin Mercedes 408, original first paint and 50 000 km certified from new...
These Notin from the 70's are reknown as the Rolls Royce of the camping vans, all hand made by the best French craftmen from the best wood, aluminium and furnishing.
This one particulary has been ordered by an aristocrat who wanted the same luxuary details than in his castle in west of France. The only Notin from these years with air conditioner, specially ordered by Notin in the USA, and powered windows ...
This nobleman never drove the van, but only his own driver did for short trips around the castle : 29 000 km only from 1974 to 2011 ! Then from 2011 to 2017, after a complete Mercedes servicing with new brakes, engine complete checking and overhauled ( 5000 euros Mercedes bills together), 20 000 km done by the nobleman's nephew, who used it with the same great attention, toilets and shower still never used since new, explaining the actual exceptional perfect condition .
700 km this week to drive it in south of France, today this Notin still works like new !
It comes of course with all the Mercedes and Notin files from new, very impressive with drawns, books etc ... and the Mercedes bills from the 2011 complete re-start .
Note that this Notin has been fortunately built new from a rare 408 gasoline chassis, not from the noisy, lazy and smelly common diesel base.
Today this exceptional Notin is ready to go anywhere in Europe, and yes it will be the perfect camper to pull your trailer for Goodwood or similar classic events of course, huge success guaranteed along the paddocks believe me !
It can be seen and appreciated in south of France near Avignon .
Exchange or part exchange possible with classic car or motorcycle, but only other exceptional stuff, thanks ...