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A Stunning and Brutal Carbon Fiber Collaboration Between Mercedes and McLaren. Low mileage example presented in sinister factory colors.2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarens/n WDDAJ76F45M000305Black with Black Leather InteriorConsidered one of the finest contemporary supercars ever offered for public use, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is an unprecedented automotive expression delivering state-of-the-art engineering and design in an impressive package. The sophisticated technology, design, and performance reflects the inspiring Super Leight designation dating back to the earliest days of Mercedes-Benz racing domination. Uniquely partnered with McLaren Automotive, the SLR was introduced in 2003 as a joint effort from two juggernauts of automotive performance. The performance numbers alone threw down the gauntlet to any contenders signaling their readiness to challenge any of the greatest sports cars while delivering the finest in creature comforts. The SLR was and remains today, by all accounts, one of the most superb Grand Touring coupes ever developed. Even today, nearly 20 years since originally conceived, the SLR still commands worthy attention while remaining competitive against even the fastest cars of the current decade. Designed to capture a commanding visual presence consistent with the rich racing and performance history of previous SL performance cars, a vast array of standard comfort features combines with a sophisticated drivetrain, advanced suspension, and superlative braking. At the core of this astonishing car is the all-aluminum hand-assembled 5,439cc V8 AMG engine outfitted with a twin-screw Lysholm-type supercharger, delivering 16 psi of boost to the M115 powerplant. The AMG Speedshift R 5-speed transmission drives the rear wheels, while Sensotronic carbon ceramic disc brakes safely bring the car down from triple digit speeds. Active aerodynamics on the SLR includes an integral rear spoiler which raises and lowers with pitch angle adjustments for increased rear downforce. Further aerodynamic features include flat underbody panels and a rear diffuser for improved downforce and underbody air management. These features limited traditional exhaust exit, thus allowing for one of the unique design features of the SLR, side exit exhaust flanking each portion of the forward rocker panels. Each of these hand-crafted cars were assembled at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, Surrey, England. The carbon fiber body shell and chassis utilizes carbon fiber reinforced plastic resulting in a 4,000lb weight which adds to the substantial feel and luxury aspects of the SLR. All these efforts revealed jaw-dropping 0-60 mph times of 3.8 seconds and quarter mile times of 11.7 seconds at 125 mph, well into supercar territory, besting many top contenders of the period. Brutally powerful, the design was very much ahead of the times including dihedral opening doors, dramatic side vents, low hood, and short rear deck, and the distinctive F1 inspired nose, all of which contribute to the powerful presence of the SLR. Additionally, the SLR offered generous trunk space, several interior storage compartments, automatic climate control, a premium audio system, and custom fitting leather seats. Priced at over $450,000 when new, selected clientele stepped forward with worldwide purchases, though many initial owners bought with added dealer premiums, making the SLR one of the most expensive cars of the decade. Although production ran for five years, a mere 2,157 cars were crafted in the entire run. For the 2005 year, just 615 units were delivered, fewer of which were specifically ordered for the US market.This particularly stunning example was delivered January 4, 2005. An early VIN car, delivery was processed through Willowbrook, IL with 31 miles. The next owner was reported in Houston, TX, subsequently arriving to the current owner in 2015. On June 15, 2016, the odometer readout was verified by Mercedes-Benz dealer Smith Motors, Haverhill, MA, indicating 2,624 miles. A subsequent State of New Hampshire Vehicle Verification form also showing the VIN and miles was recorded at 2,629 miles on October 3, 2016. Currently, the odometer indicates 2,657 miles. In addition to periodic services, safety inspections, and emissions testing performed under previous ownership, the car has been under the care and ownership of a multiple performance car collector. Today this exceptional SLR presents as an impressive example, finished in factory original black which gives the car a dynamic, visually elegant, powerful presence. The paint is in excellent condition throughout with no notable flaws, other than typically acquired parking lot scrapes and surface fissures which are visible at the bottom edge of the front air dam. The front and rear lenses and exterior body trim are in excellent cosmetic condition. The brand etching on all glass pieces is consistent with original factory equipment. There are no chips or scratches in the gorgeous expansive windshield, rear, or side glass. All openings function as new, with excellent closure and proper panel gaps. The doors open with an elegant upward dihedral sweeping motion, allowing occupants easy entrance and exit. The wheels are in excellent condition with no curb rash wearing correctly sized Michelin tires. Inside the car, the supple, factory fresh black leather interior exhibits near new finishes throughout showing almost no evidence of use to the seating surfaces. All interior components have been beautifully maintained including smooth and supple leather trimmed seats, sculpted dash, and console materials, all of which form a beautifully cohesive cockpit with modern amenities and state of the art technology consistent with Mercedes-Benz finest offerings. The seats are visually attractive and offer firm support for a range of driving conditions including proper side bolstering for more spirited driving. The dashboard retains iconic analog dial faces with digital readouts for some systems while allowing a purposeful focus on the large-dial speedometer and tachometer. The speedometer sweeps a full 220 mph, a feature that certainly closed track or autobahn sections would find achievable should the opportunity arise. The trunk compartment is quite spacious especially when compared to far less spacious supercars offering this level of performance. The condition of the trunk continues the exemplary presentation found throughout this SLR.Under the hood, the stunning hand-built AMG performance engine has been mechanically and cosmetically preserved, further supporting the original miles shown on the odometer. Factory components, manufacturers engine compartment labels, and hardware remain as new. The engine compartment is fitted with many factory carbon fiber components and the intake plenum features an AMG plaque validating the hand assembled history of the powerful supercharged engine. The undercarriage further supports the documented low miles showing no significant road marks on the factory aerodynamic chassis pans, clean and properly maintained components, and cleverly engineered aerodynamic flow management channels including the rear diffuser. Suspension castings and various exposed components revealed in the underside are further in excellent condition, with clean and fresh appearance, essentially as new. With the door swung open and the driver’s seat calling, there is no doubt that you are about to experience a very special drive. Nestling into the contoured seats, the rich blend of aluminum and leather finishes convey a wonderful combination of performance and elegance. The shift lever cap is flipped forward and at the press of a button, the car starts, instantly delivering an immediate throaty exhaust note. Driving the SLR is an absolute delight. Progressive acceleration comes on strong when summoned and nimble controls offer ease of use. The SLR is equally capable of docile city driving and premium open-road performance excitement. Refreshing climate controls, a top-of-the-line sound system, and easy to use comfort conveniences can easily compete with any of the top luxury sedans. However, once invited to engage in performance driving, the SLR reveals explosive acceleration and power on tap from a seemingly bottomless storehouse of energy. Cornering and braking are magnificent, as the carbon ceramic brakes bring the SLR down from high speeds smoothly and evenly. Unlike many modern high-performance cars, the legacy of racing and luxury seamlessly combine in this visually captivating powerhouse. This beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is accompanied by a set of factory manuals and booklets with factory leather pouch, factory wheel lock set, and a remote key fob. By any measure, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren must be considered a pinnacle of performance excellence. This superlative 21st century supercar delivers Mercedes-Benz AMG performance and McLaren racing heritage with premium luxury amenities. Whether at the wheel driving or simply standing by gazing at the beautiful design, the SLR uniquely combines the finest in technology with the partnered legacy of legendary icons Mercedes-Benz and McLaren.