1986 Mercedes-Benz SL

560 SL


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    Cabriolet / Roadster
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French papers as historic vehicle

• Nice and elegant presentation
• Very reliable, easy to drive with only 83 086 miles
• Hardtop delivered with car

Introduced in 1971, the third generation of the Mercedes SL series, the R107, had an exceptionally long production run, remaining in the catalogue for 18 years. This roadster was a huge success with Americans and the U.S.A. took two thirds of the entire production. In 1986 Mercedes brought out the final evolution of the model, the 560 SL, which would indeed be exclusively reserved for the American market. All of them were equipped with automatic gearboxes, in line with the preferences of American clients. This model had a high level of equipment as standard, including leather upholstery, an alarm system, air bags and ABS. The rear suspension was new and a limited slip differential gave better control of the massive torque. Production was discontinued in 1989. Among the different generations of the Mercedes SL, the R107, with good build quality and giving a very pleasant ride, is quite logically increasingly appreciated and prices are rising.

Delivered new to her first owner on August 22nd 1986 by the concessionaire Imported Cars of Greenwich, Connecticut, this elegant Mercedes 560 SL now has an odometer reading of 83 086 miles. Well preserved and with a very nice color combination, it has her Mercedes-Benz booklets and Carfax regularly maintained from 1986 to 1996 (60 000 miles) and from 2000 to 2005 (78 000 miles). Arrived in France recently, it has nowadays a French registration papers as historic vehicle.
The body is in good condition, paint is clean as the soft top and hard-top. We have just notified some rust on the right side doors and under the spare wheels. The upholstery has a very nice patina, the dashboard, carpet and seats are nice too. Only the driver seat has a small default on his side but nothing important. On the road, the car behaves as one would hope. The high torque V8 engine pulls strongly and revs freely and the automatic gearbox changes gear very smoothly.
The car is sold with her Carfax with all her history. This robust and reliable Mercedes 560 SL will continue for a long time to provide luxurious and pleasant trips in the sun for a couple or a whole family.