1966 Mercedes-Benz SL Pagode


  • Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    15 900 km / 9 880 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
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Geneva Motor Show: all the spotlights are on a highly anticipated roadster, the Mercedes 230 SL The SL breaks with the past, the lines are highly innovative, but it is not a super sports car, nor a simple spider. Instead, it is a powerful and elegant two-seater "en plein air", highly habitable and with optimum safety parameters for the time. In the collective imagination of Mercedes enthusiasts, this model immediately evoked the idea of ​​an oriental pagoda for the curved lines of its "hard top", which will become its identification style over the years.
From that moment it became only a "pagoda".
The Mercedes 230 SL also proved to be a great commercial success and even today thanks to its ease of use combined with classic and timeless lines, it remains highly sought after by collectors of classic cars.
Cult scene: in the 1966 Arabesque film, Gregory Peck and Sofia Loren on a splendid 230 SL, flee between swirling chases.
This Pagoda 230 SL is presented in impeccable and original conditions, with a splendid and elegant color combination in typical Mercedes style.
This car still holds Como black plates and the page booklet of the time.
The car is visible inside our showroom in Reggio Emilia.
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