• Baujahr 
  • Kilometerstand 
    38 302 km / 23 800 mi
  • Automobiltyp 
    Cabriolet / Roadster
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  • Leistung 
    150 PS / 111 kW / 148 BHP
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Original. Becker Mexico
Rare vertical mounted sparewheel

Model history
The 230 SL, built to fill the gap between the 190 SL and the flagship 300 SL, was a ground-up project that began with a whole new platform. Initially, the engine was to be a 2.2-litre inline six-cylinder, but technical difficulties pushed the development of the platform back several years. Eventually, Technical Director Fritz Nallinger ordered the marriage of two projects to create platform W113. This would contain the larger 2.3-litre M127 inline-six but feature a shorter chassis. Paul Bracq and Béla Barényi designed the distinctive “Pagoda” top, so named for the unique concave roof à la a Japanese pagoda. At the Geneva Motor Show in 1963, the Mercedes-Benz 230 SL was introduced.
Although the technical features of the 230 SL weren’t incredibly new, the improvements to them and the increased safety made this Mercedes-Benz special. For the first time, they offered power steering and automatic transmission in a sports car. Barényi had worked extensively on the safety of this car, and as a result, the exterior was built with a rigid passenger cell and crumple zone and the interior was free of sharp corners.

Our example

This particular 230 SL is an early model from 1964. Most noticeable by the fact that the spare wheel well is visible. A change in the new production year meant that the spare wheel was placed horizontally from then on.
This red beauty was restored mechanically and cosmetically it received a new paint job and interior restoration. The current owner has kept the car at his summer house in the south of Spain ever since and driven the car on various outings and meetings. This makes for a very good driving and shifting Pagode. With a beautiful sound and reliable engine its ready to be enjoyed for years to come


The engine and gearbox are very alert and make for an engaging drive. There is enough torgue to make loveley drive but also more then enough high end power for some spirited driving.
Brakes and suspension prove that Mercedes Benz was miles ahead of the competition.

The Pagode is proving to be a timeless classic taht is stille very useable. this will affect its collectability. The fact that this is an early vertical spare wheel model makes it even more collectable.

We are inviting you to drive this beautiful car and want to help you enjoy it for years to come.

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