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Registration number: AL-26-85

The Mercedes-Benz Heckflosse. Many of you might say, "my grandpa had one too." It was indeed a popular choice among drivers, but make no mistake, it was quite an expensive car back in the day, being a Mercedes-Benz, of course; a brand already known for their exceptionally well-built automobiles. Mercedes introduced this model in 1961 as a four-door sedan with a four-cylinder engine. The Heckflosse succeeded the Ponton. The Ponton, designated as the W120 and W121, was an important car during the 1950s. The Heckflosse continued that tradition.
Initially, the Heckflosse was available with a 1.9-liter engine, both in petrol and diesel variants, and in 1965 Mercedes introduced a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, available with both petrol and diesel engines. Fun fact: the name was then changed from 190 to 200. The petrol engine developed 105 hp with two Solex carburetors. A four-speed manual transmission was standard, with an automatic option available.
The 1965 update brought more changes than just the engine. The interior received several improvements, including adjustable backrests on the front seats. Moreover, a delightful 2.3-liter engine was now available. Despite such a fine unit, the public mainly chose the diesel variant.
The W110 was replaced in 1968 by the W114 and W115 "New Generation" models, featuring the distinctive vertical headlights. Although not called such at the time, these cars now form what is known as the E-Class. Highly versatile, they were popular as taxis. Robustly built, reliable, and utilitarian, but also capable of lively performance and excellent handling when an enthusiastic driver took the wheel.
Our Mercedes is a beautiful car equipped with a manual transmission. This 190 diesel has been extensively restored and overhauled in the past, resulting in a very fine appearance. It is also genuinely a good car and has the correct and authentic details. With the provided documentation, including various invoices from Mercedes-Benz specialists, we can conclude that this Mercedes has received the proper maintenance. Recently, extensive maintenance was performed by a specialist, including replacing the water pump and overhauling the steering gear.
The bodywork is very straight and in good condition. With nice fitting body panels, it is a sleek car to look at. During the restoration work, this Mercedes was also professionally resprayed. The beautiful classic color is in very good condition. The windows are almost scratch-free and the wheels are very neat, also finished in the body color. The chrome work, along with the rubber parts, are also in good condition.
The interior looks beautifully authentic. The red leather upholstery is in very good condition and the car takes you back to 1964. The original dashboard is very attractive and the beautiful instrument panel, which is also very recognizable for a Heckflosse, is working well. A nice addition is that this car is equipped with a Blaupunkt radio and a beautiful Elfenbein steering wheel.
When we turn the key of this Mercedes, the diesel sound of the engine is immediately recognizable. The engine runs well, has plenty of torque, and the gearbox operates smoothly and precisely. Once on the road, the whole car feels solid, as it should be. The clutch pedal is light to operate, as is the brake pedal.
Are you interested in this beautiful Mercedes-Benz? Contact us today, we are happy to assist you. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. We have many years of experience in exporting our vehicles worldwide. Please inquire about the possibilities.

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