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    442 mi / 712 km
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    Gloss Black
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    Vereinigtes Königreich
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    740 BHP / 751 PS / 552 kW
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1 of 15 Motorsport Built Factory Spec in Gloss Black

Options – Carbon clutch, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, VBox Telemetry & Camera, Passenger seat, Exhaust silencer (supplied), Additional wheel set

Full PPF, GT3 X Graphic set. Alcon brakes, Push to Pass (+30ps)

It is incredible to think that GT3 racing cars have so many regulations holding them back, let alone the renowned Balance of Performance that looks to level the playing field. Whether it be limiting the downforce, meeting minimum weight, restricting the power or running a control tyre – McLaren’s motorsport department saw an opportunity to develop the Ultimate GT3 free of racing regs and in 2021 the radical ‘X’ arrived to much fanfare at the Goodwood FoS where it would go on to obliterate the hill climb shoot out competition. This result would validate the racing departments fantastic skunkworks project, free of any limitations, as they clearly created a monster in both presentation and performance!

This car was ordered in the factory specification; hand-finished in Gloss Black paint with pockets of exposed carbon fibre and intricate pin striping. This highly developed car now features a significant new front end splitter / dive plane arrangement matched by an enlarged rear wing and diffuser in the quest for total aerodynamic advantage. The visual impact of the gloss bodywork, carbon fibre and uprated aero is fierce – all business and ever so menacing with it. In order to enhance and protect the bodywork the car has been fully PPF’d from new.

A refined pinstripe in heritage McLaren Orange – a nod to the historic F1 & Can Am cars – accentuates the lower edges of the ground-hugging body shape while an ‘X’ graphic stretches across the roof line.

As you would expect from a proper race car, the cabin features a stripped-down interior designed around track performance and functionality. Opening up the lightweight carbon fibre dihedral door reveals a revised roll cage design to allow for 2 x occupants – perfect for the driver coach to help extract every last tenth. FIA-approved carbon fibre and Kevlar seats with six-point harnesses ensure the driver and passenger are planted at all times whilst optional VBox cameras are installed to capture those lap records in real time as well as telemetry function to comb through data. Thankfully the pedal box and steering column are also fully adjustable.

A ‘yoke’ style X branded steering wheel has a myriad of adjustments but also offers a ‘PTP’ – push to pass for an extra 30hp when the need arises.

The GT3 specification saw the racing car develop around 500hp. Incredibly, the X develops over 200hp more than the GT3 thanks to a total re-working of McLaren’s familiar M840T twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 – a blueprinted block with stronger pistons that also features a “Diamond-Like Carbon” (DLC) coating which protects from excessive wear. Revised cylinder heads and bigger turbochargers re-calibrate engine performance for more peak power alongside upgraded manifolds and a titanium exhaust.

Given the marked increase in power the cooling system has been upgraded to cope with regular hot lapping in even the warmest of climates.

The ferocious power is mated to a six-speed Xtrac paddle-shift gearbox via an optional Carbon clutch that drives the rear wheels through a 12-stage electronic traction-control system; ensuring the car can be adjusted from fairly friendly to flat chat in milliseconds.

An optional silencer is available for the quieter track day outing.

Carbon ceramic brakes are from renowned endurance specialists – Alcon – working alongside Pirelli’s finest wet weather or slick tyres; a super soft compound offering greater grip than any GT3 control tyre. The centre lock wheels themselves carry a Papaya band – a nice touch that ties in with the traditional splashes of colour to the bodywork.

The car currently sits on wet weather rubber, with a spare set of slicks provided.

Suspension is carried over from the GT3 car albeit with revised dampers, springs and anti-roll bars to cope with the increase in downforce thanks to the new dive planes and enormous rear wing.

Delivered to it’s sole private owner from new in 2021, this GT3 X has only seen track time on one occasion at Silverstone in 2022 and now sits here in our showroom ready for it’s next (very brave!) owner to enjoy.

Of course McLaren have form with limited edition supercars but it’s important to note that P1 GTR and a Senna GTR were built by McLaren’s road car department, whereas the GT3X is a full McLaren Motorsport project that will be eligible for full customer racing support, test sessions, servicing and McLaren’s very own PURE driving event programme. Incredibly this special project car shares only 10 per cent of its components with a 720S road car, and just half of that of the 720S GT3 car making a totally unique proposition.

Naturally we are happy to assist with guiding the new owner through to the McLaren Customer Racing division for all of their support needs should they so wish – the same team responsible for developing the GT3X alongside the 720 GT3 global customer race program.

Please visit our website for a full write up and additional photographs.

The car is supplied having had an extensive intake inspection. Warranty, Finance, Part Exchange and Worldwide shipping are all available on request.

Buy with confidence: we operate from a 10,000sq ft indoor showroom with the support of a fully functioning 4000sq ft preparation and service centre that includes a professional photo studio that is used by Top Gear, McLaren and Alpine Stars. We have a passionate team that work incredibly hard to ensure all our motor cars go through our rigorous and unique sales process so they are presented in the best possible condition and light, then found homes all over the world.

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