1963 Maserati Sebring

Series 1


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In the late 40’s Maserati had achieved international visibility and fame thanks to their racing successes and wanted to address the booming demand for luxury performance cars. During that era production only built a few dozen examples a year. So a different approach was needed.
in the late 50’s and 60’s Maserati created their 3500 GT in 57 despite the frantic activity required by Maserati’s participation in the Formula One Chief engineer Guilio Alfieri modified the legendary 350s racing engine to suit a touring car by switching to a wet sump oil system and changing the engine accessories. Alongside Italian Marelli ignition they used many British made components as Girling Brakes and Lucas injection.
The car was the company’s first successful attempt at the Gran Turismo market and series production. The next step was to conquer the US market. Based on the successful 350 GT they released the Sebring. Named after Maserati’s 57 racing victory at the famous 12 Hrs. of Sebring.
The series 1 was only produced from 62 to 65 and a total of barely 348 cars left the Bologna factory.
At the time of its launch the Maserati was 22% more expensive than the Aston Martin DB5
The Series 1 we can offer you is a European example delivered to France, and has only seen 3 owners in its lifespan. Its color combination of Montebello Grey and black leather gives the car its stylish yet sporty Gt-look. The car has gone a sensible restoration, as a car is only once original. The sensitive Lukas injection has been sorted out by an expert, giving the car some added reliability. And most important No Rust! Getting behind the wheel of this stunning Gran Turismo is taking control over more than 230 horses, with the known Maserati stance. The Maserati Sebring made Jeremy Clarckson’s all-time top list, and after driving one you can imagine why.
So don’t lose that unique opportunity to own a car which can be driven either relaxed on some country lanes or give it the spurs on some well-known Rally